The Incarnations by Susan Barker

the incarnations barker

  When Wang, a Beijing taxi driver, opens the visor in his cab, he stumbles upon a mysterious letter addressed to him from someone claiming to be his soulmate. Over the next several weeks, more letters pour in, detailing the many lives he shared with his soulmate: a starving slave fleeing the Mongols, one of many imperial concubines, a trader tied up in the Opium Wars. Though Wang doubts the … [Read more...]

New Monthly Link-Up: Library Checkout

library checkout

I've made a huge leap in using my library over the past year and thought it might be interesting to start keeping track of what I check out, read, and hold on a monthly basis. With the thought that it would be fun to hear from other readers, Library Checkout was born! Because it will take some tracking, I wanted to let everyone know about the idea ahead of time—the first link-up is planned for the … [Read more...]

It’s Monday, August 24th. What Are You Reading?


Well, it's definitely been a crazy week over here, starting with a stuffy summer cold. Yesterday was pretty rough, so I'm hoping that was the worst of it and from now on I'll be on the up and up. My husband and I also met with a real estate agent to take some baby steps toward selling our house and buying something new. We don't have any particular, desperate need to move, other than … [Read more...]

Reading in Threes: New Short Stories

short stories

It's taken me some time to really appreciate short stories, but I've been on a great streak so far this year. Here are three new collections I enjoyed in varying degrees. The "a-ha!" moment in my short story journey was realizing that I really loved collections with weird, off kilter tales, so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't like the straightforward style of In the Country. I was wrong, … [Read more...]

Infinite Home by Kathleen Alcott

infinite home alcott

  After years of cycling through tenants in her Brooklyn brownstone, Edith comes to expect the four apartments in her building will be empty not long after they are filled. But as she ages, she fails to notice a defined group forming in her halls and settling down for good: Eddie, a lonely, washed-up comic; Paulie, a tender-hearted young man with Williams syndrome; Thomas, an artist … [Read more...]

It’s Monday, August 17th. What Are You Reading?


Happy Monday, darlings! Today I'm side-eyeing the library like it's their fault I ended up with these stacks because everything came in at the same time. But we all know what it's like to be a little trigger happy when it comes to requesting. Here's hoping I can get most of these read before they're due back or someone else decides they want a turn. This week I'm still working my way through The … [Read more...]

Reading Out of Order with Sea Lovers & C.S. Lewis

sea lovers

  I've always been someone who opens a book to page one and reads straight through to the end, which...seems like the logical way to do things. But when it comes to collections of essays and short stories, it doesn't have to be. In fact, it may not always be the best way. I've been resistant to the idea of jumping around, but gave it a shot with two recent reads and wound up pleasantly … [Read more...]

All That Followed by Gabriel Urza

all that followed urza

  When terrorists attack trains traveling through Madrid in 2004, the small Basque town of Muriga is reminded of its own brush with extreme politics. Five years earlier, the politically motivated murder of a rising councilman was easily solved, but the people of Muriga can't help but feel underlying blame. All That Followed flashes back from the attack in 2004 to explore the months leading … [Read more...]