You’ll have a Different POV on High Performance Gaming Laptops after this

We can safely say that gaming has taken a massive chunk of people’s lives worldwide. On the other hand, consoles and desktop gaming CPUs and computers are designed primarily for folks who want to play stationary, like those who don’t like the idea of leaving their home.

Gaming keyboard

But things are quite different individuals who are always on the go such as travelers and college students. This is where ultra-portable and powerful gaming laptops that have the same specs as with high-end desktop computers are crucial. On the subject of performance, majority of the gaming laptops in the market these days are sometimes more powerful compared to gaming consoles and at times, packs more power than a gaming desktop.

Plus, it’s not only about the performance that the laptop has that makes it an awesome deal. But also, the level of portability it has.

Aside from school, these laptops are perfect for Microsoft Office, web surfing, work and because of its high specifications, you can do graphic intensive tasks like video editing as these laptops are almost always coupled with powerful GPUs, CPUs and high resolutions.

Gaming Laptops for Studies and Work

As for college students who are shooting for gaming laptops as their workhorse, it is imperative that the laptops are versatile. Not just the fact that these machines can be perfect for day-to-day tasks like completing assignments and homework but also, it must carry enough power, thermal solution or also known as cooling as well as durability for optimal support of various game titles like PUBG, Battlefield and several other games that consumes great power.

With this being said, if you’re travelling often or a college student and searching for a gaming laptop that could replace your high-end computer, you should consider laptops that tick the boxes below.


College students are always on the run so a common misconception is, smaller laptops are better. While this might be true in some case, but some are after playing games or into editing on their wee time and thus, a bigger screen will be more preferable.


While gaming laptops are normally powered with the latest processors, laptops with CPUs that have Intel Core i7 and up can provide enough juice for all the activities you have to do in a day.


Stands for Random Access Memory, laptops with a minimum of 8GB RAM can get you going in running and using multiple tasks at once smoothly.