12 Ways to Earn Money for Students

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As a teenager, life consists of school, hobbies, and home. Depending on what hobbies you do, this can be quite a lot of money. That’s when the idea of earning money comes up for the first time. Of course, earning money as a student is only possible on the side, because you already have a full-time job (studying).

But even finding a part-time job can sometimes be a big challenge. After all, most of the labor market is geared toward adults. But don’t worry! Aside from searching for the nearest car boot sale on a carboot directory to sell some stuff, in this article, we have compiled 12 ways for you to earn money as a student.

Jobs from 13 years

Thirteen years are the minimum age required to perform light work. If your fingers are already itching, you can finally look for something to supplement your pocket money.

1) Babysitting

If you have younger siblings, then you probably know that. Your parents want to eat together and you should take care of them at home. Other parents feel the same way and that’s why they are looking for someone to take care of their children.

Maybe your parents know someone who needs a babysitter, or your friends tell you about it. As a babysitter, you can often earn €10 per hour. For this, you need to deal with the child and be willing to take responsibility.

For how many years can you babysit? On the one hand, it depends on whether you dare to do it. On the other hand, the baby’s parents have to trust you. If you dare to take care of someone, this could be something for you from the age of 13.

2) Give tutoring

Are you particularly good at a subject in school? Then try tutoring. Not everyone has the same strengths, one is good at mathematics, the other at English or geography. So that you do not lag behind in school, there is tutoring.

You can either try it directly through your classmates or research whether there are tutoring schools in your city. Also, the bulletin board in the school or supermarkets is a good place for a notice. Often the parents are happy when someone gives tutoring who is currently on the topic.

A tutoring session lasts between 45 and 90 minutes and it is common for you to get between €7 and €15 per hour. Possible tutoring students can be found, for example, on platforms such as eBay classifieds.

3) Lawn mowing

If you live in an area with many houses and gardens, try it here. Many homeowners don’t have time to take care of their gardens on a regular basis, and that’s where you come in. Again, you can hang notes on the bulletin board in supermarkets or on some lanterns.

If you’re brave, look for gardens with long grass in your area and offer your services to homeowners. An hourly wage of 10 € is not uncommon here. For this, you can work in the fresh air and can do your work alone.

4) Swagbucks

Swagbucksis a company where you can make money quickly from surveys. While there are ways to make money faster, it’s a good alternative if you like to spend time on your PC/phone.

You will need to log in to the website and create an account. You will then have access to various surveys and if you complete them successfully, you will earn points. If you have enough of these points, you can exchange them for vouchers or have them paid out by PayPal.

5) Unsubscribe newspaper

The classic student job you know from friends or from television. In this country, however, it does not work to simply throw newspapers in front of the house. The best way to find such jobs is on eBay classifieds or on the Internet.

6) Helping in agriculture

If you like to work outdoors, you can also see if there are gardeners in your area that need help. Most of the time, they are also happy when young people are interested in working with nature.

There is also a special rule here: If you help your relatives in the company, then you can work up to three hours a day. The payment here is between 5 and 10 € per hour. You will learn how to grow vegetables yourself and keep fit.

Student job from 15 years: Earn money & work

As soon as you are 15 years old, you can also work as a temp in real companies. From this age, you count as a teenager and can work up to 8 hours a day. In addition, you now have the opportunity to do a holiday job.

Here you can work full-time for a maximum of 4 weeks, i.e. 35 – 40 hours a week. So you can really improve your earnings. Of course, the previous options are still available to you.

1) City guide

If there is tourism in your city and you know a lot about your homeland, then try yourself as a city guide. However, you should be a bit more mature, because the listeners are mostly adults. It is especially good if you also speak English.

A popular model for guided tours is paying at your own discretion. For this, you lead a group of people through the city and they pay as much as the tour was worth to them. If you make an effort and deliver good entertainment, you can earn up to 10 € per hour and per person here.

2) Temporary jobs in various industries

At the age of 15, you can finally work in common companies. Be it the bakery, waiters in the restaurant, or a sales job at GameStop. Of course, the school has priority, so you have to see how the working hours can be reconciled with your school time.

But in principle, you can work wherever temporary workers are needed. Take a look around your city and you will definitely find a company that offers a part-time job.

However, a part-time job in a larger company does not always mean more money or a higher hourly wage. Due to the long working hours, however, you can earn more money at the end of the day. Hourly wages of 7 – 9 € are common in various industries.

3) Holiday job

With a holiday job, you can earn quite a lot of money in one fell swoop. Because here you can work full-time for a month. If you do this in an industrial company, you can earn 1000 €. So you can certainly afford what you have dreamed of.

Of course, a holiday job must be during the holidays. So be aware that you are then working while others relax. In return, you will gain valuable experience of what it’s like to work. Especially the summer holidays are good because then you still have enough time to chill.


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As an 18-year-old, you have the choice: you can do anything

At the age of 18, you are no longer considered a child or adolescent, but an adult. In terms of work, this means some changes. From now on, you can work full-time or part-time and also work at night or in bars. In addition, the minimum wage for your work now applies.

If you’re 18 and still in school, you’ll probably graduate from high school. At the same time, you can look for an employer where you can work on weekends, for example. It is important that it does not stand in your way during your exams.

1) Product tests

As a product tester, as the name suggests, you have the task of testing products. Either you get a product sent for it, or they are app services. Even with us – Testerheld.de – you get paid for surveys.

Immediately after registration, tests worth more than 50 € are available for you. These are mostly online offers. You will receive instructions on what to do and document your progress with screenshots. An easy way to earn money is from your PC or mobile phone. Here are 30 more ways to make money online.

2) Flipping

Flipping is a term in English and means in German as much as: buy and resell. For example, you look at flea markets, overstock markets, or other places for cheap offers. You then sell these for a profit on eBay, Facebook, or other marketplaces.

The main focus is therefore on buying cheap and selling expensive. A good start is flea markets because here you have the greatest room for negotiation. Find out about a niche beforehand, such as Lego or console games, and then gain your first experience.

An advantage of this method is that you have your earnings under control. If you want to earn more, you need to read more and visit more flea markets. If you would like to work independently, you can take the first steps into self-employment. Keep in mind that you should register a business with a turnover of about 200 € per month.

Work will be with you throughout your life. The sooner you get a feel for what you enjoy and what you don’t, the better you can choose a job you like later.

Before we introduce you to the different jobs, we would like to clarify a few basic questions.

Conclusion: Earning money as a student

As a student, it is quite possible to supplement your pocket money with a part-time job. Made over many years you can even save a considerable amount. But even if you spend the money, the experience you gain cannot be outweighed by gold.

Of course, you don’t get rich from one day to the next and you can’t provide for a family. But luckily as a student, you don’t need that. Finally, the parents provide you with food and accommodation.

If you are looking for a student job, you now have some options to choose from. And remember, there are many more possibilities, you just have to be creative and they will come to mind! Earning money with a hobby is also possible as a student, although some ingenuity is required.