Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

me before you jojo moyes

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes 
Publisher: Viking Books

You know nothing good can come of a book when you look through its GoodReads reviews and see this:

Coupled with the fact that I have a tag dedicated to books that make me cry, there is a reason I avoid stories like this. But I picked it up anyway.

That was almost a month and eight books ago, but I’ve been struggling with how to describe how I feel about Me Before You. The novel centers on Lou, who is content with the simplicity of her small town life until she loses her job. With few options, Lou takes a position as caretaker for Will, who lost his passion for life after being injured in a motorcycle accident. 

Without spoiling anything, there was quite a bit that I did like. While I don’t think the writing was particularly groundbreaking, I do think Moyes did a great job creating a world for and building her characters. I had very vivid images of what this town looked like and noted several scenes that were perfect for the characters’ journeys. 

Though I actually sobbed to the point where my husband was laughing at me while finishing this book, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed when I was finished. Not disappointed in that “Ugh, that was so heartbreaking!” way, but disappointed in the sense that I didn’t feel like I wanted to recommend the book to too many people. 

When I look back on books like The Fault in Our Stars, which I stayed up until 2 am reading through tears, I think of the characters instead of the situation they ended up in. The weakness in Me Before You is that the novel feels so overshadowed by this huge sadness, that I have a hard time looking back on the more positive themes it was meant to highlight. 
  • I loved this book! You’re right. It is the characters and the world that suck you in. I can’t wait to read her others!

  • I actually figured out a bit of my feelings toward Me Before You as I read The Afterlife of Emerson Tang. I’m sorting things out a bit as I’m writing my review, it’s been interesting! I’m definitely curious to see what else Jojo Moyes will write, though.