In Between Days by Andrew Porter

In Between Days by Andrew PorterIn Between Days by Andrew Porter
Published by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group on September 4th 2012
Source: Publisher
Pages: 336
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I spent a good part of yesterday’s Read-a-Thon with Andrew Porter’s In Between Days, which I squeezed into my lineup at the last minute. It was published in September of last year, but will be out in paperback this June.
Not long after separating from his wife, Elson Harding discovers that his daughter Chloe has been kicked out of college, though she won’t tell anyone, including her brother Richard, why. When she returns to Houston, followed by the danger of her situation, her presence creates a domino effect that threatens to shatter her already teetering family.
While it sounds like your typical privileged family drama, In Between Days feels a bit more layered by the themes surrounding the trouble Chloe and her boyfriend find themselves in. I actually found myself drawing some slight connections between this and The Burgess Boys due to the situations of the teenagers, but saw solutions to many of the problems I had with Strout’s novel in Porter’s. 
The easy flow of Porter’s writing seems to be chased by the urgency of Chloe’s situation, which works surprisingly well, especially as the novel churns toward its conclusion. As the pace quickens, the true bonds and gaps in the Harding family’s relationships are exposed in a way rarely seen with this type of story. By blending literary fiction with a touch of suspense, Porter has written a novel that takes the genre to a new place. 

Over at Largehearted Boy, Andrew Porter created Book Notes for In Between Days, which is a playlist for some of the characters at various points of the story – it can even be downloaded directly to Spotify. It’s a testament how well Porter knows his characters, I could immediately imagine each one of them listening to their particular song.