It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

I don’t know if it was all the craziness of last week or what, but I somehow wound up reading four books at the same time this weekend, which is very unlike me. One of them is Southern Cross the Dog by Bill Cheng, which is already proving to be a book I only want to read on my front porch under the ferns. 

And then we have the infamous Tampa. Or soon to be infamous. I’m over the initial shock of it being so much more insane than I imagined, and almost where I can start to form thoughts around it. We’ll see. 

I’m also still working my way through Going Clear. My book club is meeting on this at the end of the month, so I’m letting it be my bedside book. Unfortunately, sometimes I fall asleep before I make it there. 

  • The Bill Cheng book does look good!

  • LOL Thoughts about those insane-type books are really hard to put into words. Can’t wait to read your review on that one!

    • It’s definitely going to be one of the more difficult ones I’ve had to write.

  • Tampa sounds completely scandalous! I can’t wait to hear what your final thought are :)

  • I keep a book on my bedside but sometimes I don’t make it, either !:-)

  • Love your summary of thoughts on TAMPA! I’m on the second half of THE WOMAN UPSTAIRS- still enjoying it but it’s going a way I hadn’t expected. We’ll see if that’s good or bad!

    • I can’t wait to read that one, either! Curious what your final thoughts will be.

  • I’ve never even heard of the book Tampa, but I have family there, so maybe I don’t want to know! I’m looking forward to the review, though!

    • Yep, it’s probably safer if you don’t associate any of this with your family :)