VCU Cabell First Novelist Semifinalists

The VCU Cabell First Novelist Award Semifinalists were announced last week. From over 100 submissions, the books have been narrowed down to 14.

Submissions shelf at the library

Many of these were big titles from last year. As a VCU alum and Richmond resident I was able to share my reviews, but there are still books here I have yet to read. Did this give you something else to add to the ever growing pile of books? Which one do you think should get the award?
  • Nice list of books! I adore book lists :) I’ve only read a handful of those but the one that I’ll never forget is The Song of Achilles. Stupendous book!

    • I really need to re-read that one. I think I was in the wrong mindset when I first read it because I had such a hard time enjoying it, even though the writing was gorgeous.

  • What a great award! I am reading some of the Penn/Hemingway award winners this year, which also recognizes debut novels. I enjoyed Penumbra and Achilles but I would give my vote to No One Is Here Except All of Us.

    • One of my best friends just read that one and was telling me how great it was. I definitely think I need to read it.