Giveaway: Apology by Jon Pineda

jon pineda apology

I reviewed Jon Pineda’s wonderful novel Apology in early June and was lucky enough to hear him speak about his writing process at Fountain Bookstore. I asked Jon to sign an extra copy of Apology so I might share it with other readers – here’s your chance to pick up this beautifully poetic story.

When nine-year-old Tom Serafino’s twin sister Teagan suffers a debilitating brain injury, a police investigation implicates his playmate Mario’s uncle—an immigrant, transient worker known as Shoe. Innocent of the crime but burdened by his own childhood tragedy, Shoe takes the blame for what is in fact an accident caused by his young nephew, ensuring Mario’s chance at a future publicly unscarred.

The lines between innocence and guilt, evasions and half-truths, love and duty are blurred. Can a lie born from resignation, fear, and love transform tragedy into hope? And is the life of one man worth the price of that lie?

Use this easy Google form to enter! Random winner will be chosen at the end of the day on July 30th.