Mini Bloggiesta Goals

Though I have taken part in the Twitter chats, this is my first time being around for an actual Bloggiesta…and I have plenty to take care of. Thanks to Monika, I’ve already completed a goal that I didn’t even have until last night: I’m officially!

Now, for what I’d like to complete over the weekend:

  • Fix all images in old posts so they are big enough to not be pixelated. My new blog design defaults photos to stretch to the width of my posts. I love the big images, but many of my old photos are not large enough and look horrible. (As a sidenote: if you use Blogger and are looking for an affordable custom design, I can’t recommend Sophie & Rory enough.)
  • Double check review archive & tags. I know there are some missing/mis-tagged.
  • Update ToDoist lists through November. Does anyone else use this fabulous tool?
  • Turn the four drafted reviews I have started into scheduled blog posts.