Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh

Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntoshLove Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh
Published by Orbit on 6/11/2013
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Pages: 432
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In the not so distant future, Rob is driving home distracted when he accidently hits and kills a jogger. Because of her beauty, rather than being buried, the jogger is cryogenically frozen and placed in a dating center where she will wait for a wealthy man to revive and marry her. Distraught and determined to apologize, Rob works to raise the thousands of dollars necessary for a five minute date, setting off the novel’s chain of events. Love Minus Eighty follows Rob and the people he connects with in an effort to navigate friendship and romance in a vain, technology dominated world.

After some unsuccessful solo trips into genre fiction, I decided that this time I would need a guide. Kelly at Fountain Bookstore had been raving about Love Minus Eighty, so I took the leap – and what a great leap it was. Will McIntosh has built a world just a few clicks away from our own where daily life and emotions are the same, but the technology guiding it is much more advanced and prominent. Yet, everything in his updated world serves a purpose, making it easy to build connections to present day and allow readers new to the genre to feel comfortable. 

McIntosh has filled his novel with themes that are relevant and complex without ever coming across as preachy. Both a commentary on the state of the current dating culture and a quiet warning, Love Minus Eighty is a captivating peek into a possible future from an inventive new voice, perfect for fans of all genres.

If you’re a little unsure, I highly recommend reading the beginning of the novel, which is available as an excerpt. If you’re anything like me, you might not be able to stop for the next 100 pages or so.