Book Blogging Survey

Usually once or twice a week a post will come across my reader apologizing for lack of updates, feeling the blogging blues or questioning the best way to juggle the blog/life balance. But over the past month or so, several long-time book bloggers have written posts describing changes in both the community and the way they plan to approach their blogs in order to keep themselves going. In a discussion over Twitter with several others, Jennifer (Literate Housewife), Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) and I thought it might be interesting to put together a survey focused on book blogging longevity. Specifically, we’re wondering what causes people to stop blogging, stresses current bloggers feel and the best ways to prevent burnout. 

If you’re a current or former book blogger, please take a few minutes to complete our book blogging survey. Feel free to share it with current or former bloggers you know who might be interested in participating. We’ll be sure to share the results with you as soon as they’re ready!