Country Hardball by Steve Weddle

Country Hardball by Steve WeddleCountry Hardball by Steve Weddle
on 11/18/2013
Source: Publisher
Pages: 208
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Roy Alison returns to his hometown, determined to go straight after years of crime and incarceration, but finds it difficult to tow the line in a place urging him to go wrong. Though he takes a stable job with the county, he is soon caught in the tangled web of the town’s lawlessness. Told in interconnected stories, Country Hardball examines the roots of a small town’s despair and aimlessness. 

While a series of crimes pulls Weddle’s stories together, the novel’s strength is in its characters. From a father piling up credit card debt to give his son a chance at little league stardom to violent kills for money, Country Hardball explores the wide spectrum of life in a small, blue collar town. Weddle pinpoints the struggles we see daily and magnifies them onto hauntingly realistic characters that are nearly impossible to forget, even after the last page is turned.  

“‘I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry for your loss,’ he whispered. Hands in his pants pockets, he slid his thumbs into his fists, squeezed until his knuckles ached. ‘I’m sorry for your loss.’ “

Dark and heavy, but deeply honest, Country Hardball comes from a place of sharp awareness and shouldn’t be missed.