The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel GreenbergThe Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg
on 12/24/2013
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Pages: 176
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Long before our history is written, a Nord man and South Pole woman meet and fall in love. Though the Earth has different plans for the pair, its magnetic field preventing two bodies from polar opposites from ever touching, they are married. A lifelong storyteller, the Nord man echoes years worth of voices and myths, hoping to fill the void between the couple. 

The tales in The Encyclopedia of Early Earth fold into one another like a set of Russian nesting dolls, with storytellers telling stories of storytellers telling stories, delicately building Greenberg’s dreamy world. Though many of the myths come from familiar roots, they are infused with a slight twist of humor and are told in conjunction with new stories, making them feel fresh and modern.

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth is stunning both inside and out, beautifully hardcover bound and oversized. Greenberg’s pages are dominated by black and white drawings, but each story is punctuated with a few chosen colors. Blues and grays make snow pop from pages in the land of the Nord, yellows wash over well-lit fires and blood red highlights the dangers of war. 

Already a prize winning comic artist, at just twenty five Isabel Greenberg has solidified her place as an accomplished graphic novelist with The Encyclopedia of Early Earth. You can see more of Isabel’s work on her website, including the hand painted plates she will soon be selling (why couldn’t I have registered for these when I got married??).