Confessions of a Library Book Slacker

I love libraries. And librarians. I can distinctly remember the first time I got my own library card; you know, the one I signed my name on in cursive

But, except for glorious book sales, I haven’t been to the library in close to four years. Going in just tempts me to to check books out, and if I check books out…I don’t take them back. Yes, I am a notorious library book slacker. I rack up late fees to the point that just going and buying a book is always the best decision, both for me and everyone on the library waiting list. 

I don’t slack purposefully. I had every intention of returning The Lost City of Z when I finished reading and put it on the passenger seat of my car as a gentle reminder. But poor little Z could never convince me that detouring downtown to the library was a better idea than getting home and out of those uncomfortable work clothes as soon as possible. 

In the best interest of the community, I’m willing to accept my faults and hope that one day I’ll be responsible enough to return things on time. Until then, I’ll keep stalking Book Sale Finder and spending too many weekends piling paper bags full of library books that I don’t have to return

Am I alone in my slackerdom?