Facing Your Edelweiss Fears

It’s time to face your fears and make Edelweiss your new best friend! 

A few months ago, I posted about getting the most from the catalogs on Edelweiss. As I predicted, most of the comments were from people saying they hadn’t been using the site because they found it to be too technical and confusing, which I totally understand. It can be! It just takes a little practice. But the practice is worth it because the site is a book paradise you’ll want to bask in once you’re comfortable. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Edelweiss, you’ll want to get signed up with an account first. I went through the steps of browsing the catalogs in my previous post, but Edelweiss actually made some awesome improvements last week, so I want to go through those!

using edelweiss above the treeline to find books
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From the Edelweiss homepage, you want to start by clicking on the titles tab [1], which will bring up a list of options for refining your search. You can choose any one of the options (I love looking by publication date each month), but for today let’s click on subject [2], which will open up even more possibilities. For this example, I clicked on the plus sign next to Comics & Graphic Novels. This is where the new feature in Edelweiss comes into play: you can now eliminate subjects from your search. I love literary graphic novels, but I’m not a superhero comic book fan, so by clicking on categories like superheroes, fantasy and manga twice they will be crossed off [3] and no longer appear in my search results. 

The feature is still a little sticky and takes some playing around with, but instead of digging through thousands of comic books I was able to find several incredible sounding graphic novels I want to read this year.

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Once you settle into Edelweiss, you’ll start discovering endless numbers of books and you’ll want to have a way to keep track of everything you find. I described this method in my previous post, but I’ll go through it again here. Edelweiss has actually built in a feature that lets you mark anticipated titles, but I prefer to use their tagging system to create sortable lists. 

Once you’ve navigated to the page of a book you would like to remember, you should see a textbox labeled tags. You can create your own tag by typing in this box, in this case I used “To Request for Review”, and hit enter. Your text will turn into a shaded blue box to confirm that the tag has been stored [1]. Whenever you want to see the books you have tagged, you can click on the Tags tab on the homescreen and click on the name of your tag. You will be shown a list of all the books tagged with “To Request for Review” [2], which you will be able to sort (by publication date, title, imprint, etc.) using a dropdown menu on the right. 

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Books that are available for request as digital review copies will have a blue “Request Digital RC” button [1] on the right sidebar of their page (you can also search available review copies using the Review Copies tab on the homepage). Click on the button to request, which will pop up a box [2] asking you for some information. 

I see the “Description of Your Role” box to be similar to the profile on NetGalley, so I include a link to my blog, stats and links to social media. In the “Additional Message” box, you can add any specific reasons you have for requesting the title. Once you submit, you can check the status of your requests under the Request section [3] of the Review Copies tab. 

Anya from On Starships & Dragons just posted an amazing Guide to Getting Approved on Edelweiss, which goes into much more detail about the process and how to check your approvals. In an effort to make this post less than 3 million words, I’m going to direct you there for all the minute details.


See if you can find some amazing sounding 2014 titles as you dig through Edelweiss – and once you get the hang of it, see if you can pull yourself away! What books did you discover or request? Give me a link or two in the comments. OR use your new Edelweiss skills to help you create a post with some of your most highly anticipated titles (I created lists for fiction, debut novels and non-fiction titles this year) and link up!