Books My Dog Destroyed

How My Dog Ruined Infinite Jest

I bet you’re expecting to scroll down and see a chewed up copy of Infinite Jest, aren’t you? Thankfully, my precious baby isn’t a chewer. There was, however, a time when she was a puppy.

Three years ago I decided to tackle THE BOOK. Even though I was starting in May, I made Infinite Summer my best friend, prepared myself with three bookmarks and just felt ready. And I was. Even though it was a little overwhelming, I was on a roll and well in awe of David Foster Wallace’s masterpiece.

But then my husband and I found our dream dog. Suddenly, our house was taken over by a 3 month old ball of fluff who wanted to pee on everything and cry like she was being tortured for 8 hours every night. Any time I was awake enough to squeeze in some reading, I would be disrupted by the demanding energy of an Australian Shepherd puppy or worried that she was causing mischief in some unknown corner of my house.

I kept my copy of Infinite Jest on the coffee table for months, with those three bookmarks making no movement, hoping it might will itself to be read. Before long, I had forgotten the tangle of characters and words in the 400 pages I read and accepted defeat. I’m planning to pick it up again at some point, but for now…I’m blaming the dog. 

Have there been books you gave up on because of outside distractions?