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Smart Ladies Love: Bookish Movie Trailers

2014 Movie Trailers Based on Books

Okay, I’ve seen your Twitter feeds. I know some of you love pretty questionable reality shows. And if you’re following me, you know I can’t control my tweets whenever a movie-related award show comes around. But our iffy pop culture choices don’t make us any less smart. My lovely friends Katie and Melissa echo this sentiment every day on their blog Smart Ladies Love Stuff. From fashion recaps and dumb TV to hot dudes and smart dames, the Smart Ladies use their snarky, hilarious commentary to get to the bottom of pop culture. 

So, how does this tie in to books? Have you seen the number of bookish movies coming out this year? I knew I would never be able to touch on all of them without some help. Katie and Melissa are movie trailer pros – they share Movie Trailer Monday on their blog each week, where they spill their initial reactions to new trailers. Plus, they’re much funnier (and raunchier, in an amazing way) than I am. Enjoy their thoughts on this year’s bookish trailers and find them on Twitter and Facebook, too (especially before they liveblog the Oscars)!


Movies that might be more fun than the book

Edge of Tomorrow, June 6, 2014

This time-travel science fiction movie is based on a Japanese graphic novel called All You Need Is Kill, I kind of think this might be good because I love Emily Blunt but then again I kind of hate Tom Cruise. [I hate this trend of using weirdly quiet indie songs in trailers. I am VERY PLEASED that Emily Blunt is not just a love interest. But yeah, fuck Tom Cruise. I read Going Clear, that guy’s a dick. -M]

300: Rise of an Empire, March 7, 2014

Cersei Lannister avenges the death of her husband Gerard Butler with the help of the dude from Cinemax’s Strike Force. – DOUBLE FUN!!! [I hate these movies for bringing Gerard Butler into our world. He has been in some really shitty romcoms, several of the worst I have ever seen. -M]

Vampire Academy, in theaters

I will not spend money on this but I will probably enjoy it at two AM on pay cable. It might actually be campy fun. [Directed by Mark Waters, who did Mean Girls and Katie’s favorite movie Just Like Heaven, and it has that fun high school thing going on. I don’t hate it. Lots of women! -M]

Enemy, March 14, 2014

Based on the book The Double by Jose Saramango, this Canadian movie stars Jake Gyllenhall –HOT BEARD– in what looks like a better than average Brian DePalma movie except it was directed by the dude who directed Gyllenhall in Prisoners, so I bet it’s better than a Brian DePalma movie. [I will never read this book but I AM super interested in TWO Jake Gyllenhalls with beards, so there’s that. Also the glorious Isabella Rosselini shows up for one second. According to IMDB, one of the characters is named “Sad, Broken Woman.” YAY! -M]

Movies that make us want to read the book

Divergent, March 21, 2014

Oh, YAY another YA book series for me to read! Shailene Woodley looks kind of badass and Theo James (you might know him as Mr. Pamuk, the dude who died after deflowering Lady Mary on Downton Abbey) who is super hot, which is necessary for these kind of films. [That dude is hot! I am getting tired of YA books turned into movies, I blame Harry Potter for starting this mess. I don’t think I even have it in me to watch this on cable. -M]

The Monuments Men, in theatres

IT’S FINALLY HERE! The George Clooney directed WWII movie starring everyone awesome: Bill Murray, John Goodman, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, Jean Dujardin and of course MATT DAMON! [GC is one of my fave directors!! It took way too long for The Monuments Men to come out, which leads me to believe it is terrible. There are not enough women in this and I wish some could have been invented. Yes I am one of those people. -M]

The Fault in Our Stars, June 6, 2014


This movie is based on the young adult book by internet superstar John Green and stars Shailene Woodley, it also looks like it might make me ugly cry so I am going to watch this one at home. [Shannon said I shouldn’t read this book because it is too sad so I will pass on the movie. I do love John Green on Tumblr and I feel like I am somehow betraying him. Oh well, there’s always Rainbow Rowell for lighthearted YA. -M]

A Long Way Down, TBA 2014


The acting caliber in this movie is amazing. Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Aaron Paul, and Imogen Poots star and it is based on a Nick Hornby novel, but it seems like the type of film that would play better on the TV (and truth be told I have never been able to get into the book). [Ohhhh the book where everyone meets on the roof, trying to kill themselves? This looks like a good cable movie but OMG Aaron Paul’s beard. RAWR. -M]

One Chance, March 14, 2014


This docudrama is based on the memoir of opera singer Paul Potts, winner of Britain’s Got Talent. It stars James Corden who is mostly known for being a comedian, but is excellent in dramedys. I highly recommend All or Nothing, the Mike Leigh film he was in from 2002, it’s amazing and for some reason is often on Starz. I also will remind you that Simon Cowell is now somebody’s father and NOT always a douchebag. [After seeing this trailer, which made me cry several times, I watched all the clips of Paul Potts’ original performances from BGT. Do it! -M]

Movies where we bet the book is better

The Winter’s Tale, in theaters


Lady Sybil LIVES and she is in love with Colin Farrell (WHAT WOULD BRANSON SAY). Russell Crowe is also in this movie with a hilarious Irish accent and it involves time jump/travel and Jennifer Connolly. [Why do people keep trying to make Colin Farrell happen in America? He is like the Marion Cotillard of Ireland. -M]

Grace of Monaco, TBA


This movie might be good, but this trailer is the worst and I am concerned that Nicole Kidman is using Botox again. Her forehead looks waxy. Also I think that the trailer is narrated by Frank Langella which is weird. [This movie is not going to be good, Katie. It looks like a piece of crap. Of course I would love to watch it with a bottle of wine and some M&Ms to throw at the TV. -M]

Under the Skin, April 4, 2014


This trailer reminded me of Eraserhead, I hated Eraserhead. I hated Eraserhead more than I hate ScarJo. ScarJo is in this movie, it is creepy you are warned. [I think the trailer tries too hard to make this movie LOOK David Lynch-ian. DL is too busy making records and selling coffee to Whole Foods to make movies like this anymore. This is the first movie Jonathan Glazer has directed since 2004. I hope he didn’t spend 9 years on this crap movie starring ScarJo in a shitty wig. -M]

We don’t want to see the movie OR read the book

Odd Thomas, February 28, 2014 is available onDemand, iTunes, and Amazon


I hate Willem Dafoe and avoid movies he is in, however this is quirky/funny/weird enough I might watch it for free when it eventually hits Netflix and/or Amazon Prime. [I was into this quirky small town thing and it had an Eerie, Indiana vibe going on. Then it became scary with those clear Jello monsters and I have vowed to never watch it. Sorry, Chekov. -M]

Heaven is for Real, April 16, 2014


I saw this trailer before American Hustle and vaguely remember that it was embarrassing for the people in it. [Based on both a true story AND a book that looks like this (ugggghhh)! The treacly music is killing me. I’m sure the movie and book are equally shitty but the movie stars Margo Martindale. Actually I would never, ever see this. Not even with a bottle of wine. -M]

Endless Love, in theaters


I saw the original 1981 version of this movie with Brooke Shields on TCM when I was in high school and its unintentional hilarity was amazing. This movie stars Alex Pettyfer who isn’t so much a terrible actor as a, well, dumb actor. What was he trying to do in Magic Mike or Beastly (Why was the movie even made? And yes, I watched it and I am ashamed). I am shocked this was based on a book. [Katie made me watch several different trailers of the original and it looked horrible. Why did they choose to remake something so shitty? It can’t get any better. -M]

Kids books For the Wee Ones

The Boxtrolls, September 26, 2014


I probably won’t watch this in a theater but the artistry behind this children’s movie is beautiful. [Twee bloggers are going to freak out for this and I will become extremely annoyed. I’m glad twee bloggers weren’t around when Amelie was released. -M]

How to Train Your Dragon 2, June 13, 2014


I loved the first film and this movie looks equally cute with the added bonus of Cate Blanchett’s voice. [It seems I missed How to Train Your Dragon 1 so I will pass on this. Sometimes I want kids but then the thought of watching movies like this 100 times in a row instead of catching up on Justified make me change my mind. -M]

How are you feeling about these trailers? Did you read any of the books these movies are based on? Are you planning on seeing any of these movies (or have you seen any of them yet)? 

  • Wesley

    I’ve been gushing about Monuments Men since reading the book last year and then again since finally seeing the movie last week. There is a shortage of ladies, but Cate Blanchett is a very solid one lady to have.Also I will always endorse Justified marathons. So much love for Raylan!

  • Ti Reed

    Under the Skin is so freaking strange but in a mesmerizing way. I too, cannot stand Tom Cruise but he’s usually pretty good in action flicks.

  • heidi

    Oh, so many movies to see, I want to see the How to Train Your Dragon movie.

  • Those ladies’ snark is so right up my alley. :) I’m onboard with the thoughts on Heaven is For Real… and why haven’t I seen OR read ‘Monument’s Men’ yet?!

    Thanks for linking up with Spread the Love!

  • A Long Way Down! I’m really excited for that one. And How to Train Your Dragon 2 too of course :)

  • Erika

    Aaaah! The Fault in Our Stars!!! Can’t wait!

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