The Accident by Chris Pavone

The Accident by Chris PavoneThe Accident by Chris Pavone
Published by Crown Publishing Group on 3/11/2014
Source: TLC Book Tours
Pages: 400
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Literary agent Isabel Reed knows her career is about to change as she pours through the pages of The Accident, a manuscript written by an anonymous author and mysteriously dropped by her office. Filled with secrets about a powerful media mogul, Isabel is sure the book has the potential to bring both money and acclaim to the agent, editor and publishing house that puts it in the hands of readers. But as she reaches out to friends to help her bring the publication together, placing the manuscript into the hands of those around her, she triggers a series of events that will reveal the story’s true details over the next 24-hours. 

I’ve been trying to branch out toward thrillers a bit, and The Accident was another amazing choice. Though I didn’t read Pavone’s debut, The Expats, which was incredibly well received, I was drawn to the literary premise of this story. And that is exactly what makes it such a stand out novel. The major trajectory of The Accident could have easily fallen into the usual plotting of a legal or political thriller, even with the theme centered around the story of the manuscript. But Pavone’s decision to shift toward the world of publishing gives the novel a completely different, fresh perspective. 

Though I found myself able to unravel many of the twists before the ending, I found it to be an incredibly engaging, tough to put town read. Especially for those interested in the hidden world behind books, The Accident is one to add to that (ever growing) list.


  • If all thrillers were as good as The Accident I think i would be reading more of them. I couldn’t put it down. I’m definitely going to give The Expats a try, especially since I have lived as an expat on more than one occasion! Though, just to be clear, I am not a spy.

  • Ti Reed

    Thrillers are not what I typically reach for if I have a choice, but sometimes, they do fit the bill.

  • Kelly Massry

    The premise seemed a bit too staged for me but I might be swayed by the literary premise.

  • The book I’m reading right now (Happiness by Will Ferguson) also takes place in the world of publishing, which I don’t know much about. However, because my book is kind of a farce, some of the things going on are probably exaggerated. It’s a funny book, though, and it’s hard to find a good funny book. The Accident sounds like a good one too! And I figured out how to leave this comment – thanks!

  • HeatherTLC

    I never realized how dangerous the “hidden world behind books” could be!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

  • I’m looking forward to reading this as I am a lover of books from the mystery & thrillers genre. I’d like to read ‘The Expats’ too. Thanks for the review!

  • Sounds fun. I don’t usually pick up mysteries, but I can handle a great thriller and I love twists and turns!

  • Lisa

    I enjoyed The Accident, but I loved the Expats even more!!!!!