Getting Wild on World Book Night 2014

Last night I participated in World Book Night for the first time. After settling on Cheryl Strayed’s Wild (did you think I would pick a different author?) and picking up my box from Fountain Bookstore, I decided I would walk around my fabulous neighborhood to pass out the books. First, I had to borrow a great idea from Heather at Between the Covers and leave a copy for my mail person with a note thanking her for the great book mail and apologizing for my barking dog. 

I took Ruby and my husband with me for a bit of support, but sharing ended up being much easier than I thought. From the first smile and “Sure!” I was off and had emptied my bag in just over an hour, including stops at a restaurant, two parks and one of our neighborhood Little Free Libraries. I even met Melanie, who ended up sharing an amazing tweet about the experience! 

One thing I can say for sure is the expressions I saw when I offered the books were all full of such excitement and awe that this is something I can’t wait to do again next year and many more to come. 

For those of you that participated, how was your World Book Night?

If you’re curious what other bloggers were planning to give, Tanya from 52 Books or Bust shared a roundup yesterday!