Pick It Up In Paperback: May 2014

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. by Adelle Waldman – May 6
“Nate had not always been the kind of guy women called an asshole. Only recently had he been popular enough to inspire such ill will.” With this, readers are introduced to Nate Piven: an up-and-coming Brooklyn writer with a book deal in his pocket and a long history of failed relationships. Nate wears his badge of progressive, politically correct manhood with pride, but repeatedly finds himself disappointing the women around him as he is searches for contentment, both in and out of love. [Full Review]

The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara – May 6

Fresh out of medical school in 1950, Dr. Norton Perina longs to study disease over working with patients. When given the opportunity to accompany anthropologist Paul Tallent on an expedition to Ivu’ivu, an unexplored island in Micronesia, Dr. Perina gladly accepts. Over time, the Americans discover a group of islanders that live much longer than average humans, but with progressively declining mental health. Believing the long lifespan of the Ivu’ivu is caused by a turtle native to the island, Dr. Perina brings one back to the states, setting off a chain of events that eventually lead to both a Nobel Prize and his imprisonment. [Full Review]

The Unknowns by Gabriel Roth – May 13
Self-deprecating, lifelong nerd Eric Mueller has spent years attempting to apply the tricks of computer coding, which has earned him millions of dollars, to women. As a freshman in high school, Eric keeps a notebook filled with data on potential girlfriends. The list’s only requirement: “Would I prefer to be involved with her or to graduate high school without ever acquiring a girlfriend?” In his adulthood, Eric is better able to turn his awkwardness into charm, but will he allow his feelings to override facts when he meets the perfect girl? [Full Review]

Want Not by Jonathan Miles – May 13
The majority of Jonathan Miles’ second novel, Want Not, is told in three separate stories – a freegan couple dealing with welcoming a third person into their squat; a washed up linguist, attempting to juggle a separation from his wife with his father’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease; and a blended family, made up of a 9/11 widow, the man she married for security and her angst-filled teenage daughter. Natural desire eventually pushes these starkly different characters toward one another in a surprising conclusion. [Full Review]

Buck: A Memoir by M.K. Asante – May 13
In his memoir Buck, MK Asante traces his days as a teenager in North Philadelphia, searching for solid ground in his constantly shifting, dangerous world. Though he was raised in a supportive household, Asante (then known as Malo) struggles as successive changes turn his home inside out: his brother is in prison across the country, his father leaves and his mother is in and out on the edge of mental illness. With few options, full of untamed anger and emotion, Malo looks to the street as his new family. [Full Review]

And Sons by David Gilbert – May 27
Reclusive novelist A.N. Dyer, author of the American classic Ampersand, makes his first public appearance in years at the funeral of his lifelong friend Charles Topping. Overcome by the task of eulogizing Topping and recognizing his own mortality, Dyer seeks out the presence of his three sons, all living vastly different lives. In a whirlwind week, the family works to untangle threads from the past while keeping a hold on the present. [Full Review]

What paperback releases are you most looking forward to this month?

  • Vasilly

    You’re always adding books to my tbr pile! I just saw & Sons at the library yesterday and didn’t pick it up. Now I want it. :-)

  • I’m with Vasilly. :) Always adding to my TBR list. I really want to read Want Not.

  • The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P was really good – very accurate portrayal of NYC dating!

  • Oooh, nice that And Sons is coming out in paperback this month! Been eyeing that book ever since I heard it was going to be published; I find the cover quite wonderful :) Thanks for posting this list, some of these titles sound really interesting–will have to keep a lookout for them! :)

  • Kim Ukura

    I like these round ups, thanks for doing them! I often wait to buy books in paperback, but also forget when books I’m excited about will finally be published.

    • It can be hard to keep up, especially when some of them (like Want Not!) come out so much quicker than others.

  • I really really really want to read The People In The Trees!

  • I honestly prefer paperback and have recently tried to read more of them than ebooks. I definitely want to read The People in the trees!

  • So happy to see & Sons on here! It’s like the best possible Irving/Roth combo.

  • I’ve heard good things about “The Love Affair…” I love getting things in paperback. :)