Mini Bloggiesta To Do List


If you’ve never participated before, Bloggiesta is a time set aside to work on improving your blog, with a ton of mini-challenges (or tutorials) to boost your knowledge and give you a slew of great ideas. If you want to join in, just make a few goals for next weekend and link up on the Bloggiesta homepage

I won’t have a ton of time next weekend, but there are a few things I hope to get done:

  • Clean up my feed reader! It’s going to be sad to see some blogs go, but it’s just way too hard to dig through so much I don’t read.
  • Plan out/schedule posts for as many dates as I can. I have a busy few weeks coming up and would like to get as far ahead as possible.
  • Reformat as many wonky looking posts as possible from the Blogger to WordPress switch. Most things look okay, but there are a few posts that transferred strange.
  • Check out the mini challenges for anything interesting and participate in the Twitter chat.

Are you taking part in Bloggiesta? What are your big goals?


  • Ack! It’s that time of the year again already? I don’t think I will have time to participate during this Bloggiesta. Once the human larva is back in school I plan on dedicating some serious time to cleaning up what has fallen by the wayside over the summer.

    • I think there’s a schedule up on the Bloggiesta site and there’s always something every few months – I’m sure you’ll be able to join us soon!

  • I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month, so once again I have an excuse not to fix up my blog when Bloggiesta rolls around. :p I really have to make myself do it next time. There’s no reason not to.

  • See you at the Twitter chat!

  • This always falls on that one random weekend when my son is with me and computer hours are limited. But I might try it anyway.

  • This is a great list! I love when I have the blog all organized and scheduled when I have a busy week coming up. That is the best feeling. Good luck!!

    • It would definitely make things easier. My parents are going to be visiting the first week of August and it will be kind of tricky to blog and play hostess ;)

  • I’m going to to try to join in and at least finally do a Bloggiesta Twitter chat and write some reviews/posts. Usually the chat times haven’t worked for me, but Sunday afternoon might!

  • What a nice short to do list! Love it! I love your header too! Good luck on your bloggiesta goals.

  • alexia561

    Great list! I’ve been slowly weeding out my feed reader, but feel guilty every time I hit the Unfollow button. Looking forward to seeing the mini-challenges, as I always learn something new! Have fun!

    Terri @ Alexia’s Books and Such…

  • Tanya M

    Good luck with your goals Shannon.

  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    Enjoy! This is a fun event, and I love the feeling of accomplishment. Here’s my


  • I too got a little ahead on some posts because I won’t be around the blog.. it feels good that I did. I was supposed to clean up my feeder but I didn’t. That is time consuming but I might still do it tomorrow.