Baby-sitters’ Summer Vacation (Super Special #2) by Ann M. Martin

Baby-sitters’ Summer Vacation (Super Special #2) by Ann M. MartinBaby-Sitters Club Super Special #2: Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation! by Ann M. Martin
Published by Scholastic Inc. Source: Borrowed
Pages: 256


After gushing about the greatness of the BSC Super Specials not too long ago, I couldn’t contain my excitement when a friend brought a copy of this to my book club last month. Add in a readalong put together by Rebecca from Lost in Books and the stars all aligned.

In true Super Special fashion, the girls of the Baby-Sitters Club are off! This time to Camp Mohawk, where they’re acting as CIT’s (Counselors in Training, of course). But the BSC is split into separate cabins – the horror! – so they keep in touch by writing separate chapters entries in a shared journal. So, why was this was my favorite BSC book again? It sounds…not so great. Let’s dig in!


Hey, Stace, thanks for the lesson! I’m glad that Ann M. Martin/her ghostwriter at least made an attempt at pointing out a common misconception.


This TOOK ME BACK. It might be a description of this random Randi, but it’s the series’ quintessential Claudia description. I’m pretty convinced that those parrot earrings were regularly occurring, too. I was too busy wearing stretch pants and puffy painted sweatshirts to know what fashion was when I first read these, but had I cared I would have wanted to look like Claudia.


You and me both, Stacey. You and me both. This is the one thing I remembered about this book’s plot as an adult. I had forgotten about Kristy’s makeover and Claudia’s love interest, but Ann M. Martin was a master at making children fear ALL THE DISEASES.

BSC4And there it is. Go ahead and add impetigo to the things I learned from Ann M. Martin. If I had the internet when I read this back in the early 90’s, I’m sure I would have Googled it and found all kinds of disgusting pictures, but the images in my mind were just as horrific.

I can definitely see why I fell under the spell of The Baby-Sitters Club, though I’m not quite sure why I fell so hard. Right now I’m feeling a little bad for the other books I ignored for years.

Have you ever gone back and read books from your childhood? 


  • Holly @ guninactone

    OMG, I LOVED this one. This review made my morning…though I probably won’t go back and re-read this!

    • I think I would have been better off just flipping through it and enjoying the nostalgia…the re-read was a little much ;)

  • Wesley

    My friend Sarah makes up outfits from descriptions in books, and she’s doing a BSC batch right now.

  • I loved these books so much as a kid!! I love going back to childhood books with C, even though she’s still not old enough for some of my favorites. :)

  • Jennine G.

    I don’t go back and reread them usually. It would ruin the memories I think. But I do share the memories with my kids and buy them copies of the ones I don’t have. The passion alone sometimes works – getting them to read them too.

  • Rachelia (Bookish Comforts)

    Ahhh, Babysitter’s Club! I believe I read this one! I absolutely LOVE books about camp (I reread a childhood favourite almost every summer, In Summertime It’s Tuffy). I’m glad that it addressed some of the problematic aspects of “Camp Mohawk” and misconceptions about indigenous cultures. Oh goodness, this took me back!

  • Ahahahaha, oh, I remember this one. This is the book that taught me that “Oreo” is a thing — those mean girls in Jessi and Mallory’s cabin said it to Jessi. And, yeah, it left me with a lifelong terror of Lyme disease and pinkeye. While I haven’t gotten Lyme disease (yet), I used to get pinkeye all the damn time. I really felt for Stacey.

  • I don’t know if I’d be able to go back and re-read this, but I did love the BSC growing up. However, my favorite summer special was the one where they went to California.

  • I am reading this right now and laughing because I thought the same thing at every turn! Bahahahaha! Love it. When I write my wrap-up post I have lots to say. It’s been fun reminiscing though!