July Reading Wrap-Up

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I never would have thought I read twelve books in July based on how it felt. There was just way too much lukewarm going on here, you guys. Even though I don’t hang much weight on my Goodreads star ratings, since I’d really like to be able to use half stars, most of these were a three or less and that’s a rarity for me. Maybe it’s why I’ve been feeling so blah (or because I’ve been feeling so blah?). I did just start Lauren Beukes’s Broken Monsters the other day, though, and I have a feeling it might be my slump-buster.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Liberty’s Torch by Elizabeth Mitchell

Evergreen by Rebecca Rasmussen

A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall by Will Chancellor

Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto

California by Edan Lepucki

Flappers by Judith Mackrell

Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm

Chaplin & Company by Mave Fellowes

Good Morning, Mr. Mandela by Zelda la Grange

The Home Place by Carrie la Seur

The Angel of Losses by Stephanie Feldman

Best Book of the Month

Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm (review coming soon!)


How was your month of reading?

  • I hate going through a blah phase. I never know if it’s me or the books I’m reading. Reading the right book at the right time is so wonderful, but I often worry that the reverse sometimes happens. August looks like a busy month for me. Not many ARCs but so many books I want to get read before September when ARC season starts again.

    • I’ve given myself permission to jump to a few of the books I was really excited for in September, so hopefully that will spark things a bit for me!

  • Blah phases – so annoying! I’d almost rather read a book that gets me fired up because I hate it than something blah. I was in a mini blah phase, but thankfully busted it with Natchez Burning (haven’t posted my review yet). I feel like I’ve been seeing mediocre reviews for California. However, 12 books is quite a feat – great reading!!

    • I really loved California until the very ending, which kind of fell flat and left things a little too untied for me…it was a really interesting premise, though!

  • Kerry M

    I had a similar run in May/June and July finally snapped me out of it! I really enjoyed Bad Feminist, which I read in small doses while reading some other books (mostly novels), but that is the only one on your list I’ve read! I have California waiting for me though. Hope August looks up for you!

    • Oh, I loved Bad Feminist, too…reviewing that one next week! I’m curious what you’ll think of California. I flew through it and really enjoyed it, but the end was a little strange for me.

  • That just means you are in for some mind blowing books next! :)

  • I feel like my whole reading year has been sort of blah with the occasional bright spot. Maybe because last year was SO GOOD and it’s just hard to live up. Sigh.

    • Now that I think about it, you’re right. I had a really good April/May, but everything else has been kind of iffy.

  • This whole year! Mediocre. Meh. Although this second half is slowly picking up for me…let’s hope we can keep the momentum. There have been a few in there that have been good, but yeah, overall… :-( (I agree with Andi – there was just something in the water last year (and the year before.)

  • Oh noes! I’m sorry you had a mediocre month! I hope August is much MUCH more stellar for you.

  • Looks like you got a lot read this month, though perhaps it wasn’t worth reading. I go through spells like that, where everything I read seems at best average….and that is stretching. But then I turn around and his a stretch where everything is 4-5 stars. I’m in one of those right now! Hope it’s your turn, soon!

    • I had one of those stretches in April and May, so it seems like I’m paying for it now! Let’s hope things pick up again :)

  • Jennine G.

    I agree! July felt like it went nowhere with my reading, but when I counted yesterday, I’ve read almost the same number as June…and June felt like I kicked butt in reading. And I read good books in July too! So I have no clue what the blah is from. I think the start of a new school year is creeping in and stressing me out.

    • I’ve had times where that happened, too – with the good books but blah reading feeling…it feels so strange!

  • July was crazy over here, but I did have a good month of reading. I finished a book yesterday, Grasshopper Jungle, that will go on my all time favorites list :) Real life stuff though, blech!

  • Ti Reed

    The only book that really rocked my world in July was The Goldfinch and I didn’t even know that my world was being rocked, at the time. LOL.

  • That’s too bad that your month was so “meh” :( I can’t wait to read your review of Bad Feminist; it’s one of my highly anticipated reads!

  • NancyS

    It’s interesting to hear about other people having slumps! I read a lot but hadn’t read many great books until June/July….so hopefully my slump is over! Books I really liked were Above the East China Sea, I’ll Be There, and The Lobster Kings…

    • I heard some great things about Above the East China Sea and The Lobster Kings – sounds like I need some ocean in my life!

  • Words for Worms

    I’m with you on the slumpy-meh-mood, girl. Here’s to August being more fruitful!

  • AnnabelSmith

    Oh, I hate that feeling. I’ve recently realised that if I haven’t finished a book within 3 days, it’s almost certainly going to be a 3 star or less book, and I’m starting to think that bar extenuating circumstances, I’m just going to ditch anything I haven’t finished in that timeframe because it’s almost guaranteed to be mediocre. I’m pretty attracted to California though – did you not enjoy that?

    • I flew through it, so it was definitely compelling, but the last 50-75 pages or so felt a little off to me. I’m okay with ambiguous endings, but this felt more messy than ambiguous.