My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart

My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah HartMy Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart
Published by Harper Collins on 8/12/2014
Source: Publisher
Pages: 240
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Okay, before we go any further. If you’re not already familiar with Hannah Hart and My Drunk Kitchen, you probably need to take a peek at one of the YouTube videos that started it all.

If Hannah’s hands in the nachos and the smiling bananas on the cover didn’t give it away, this isn’t your average cookbook. You might want to keep browsing if you’re looking for precise measurements, fresh ingredients or…anything edible, really (I take that back, I consumed a Pizzadilla or six in my day). So, what’s the point of a cookbook with food no one wants to eat?

Each of Hannah’s questionable recipes tells a story, which is where the “going with your gut” part of the book’s title comes from. In the same great tone as her off the wall videos, Hart helps readers navigate the world she’s dubbed Adultolescence, or the “secondary pubescence that takes place throughout your twenties and sometimes well into your thirties”. The book hits on life lessons spanning from family holidays and coming out to break-ups and the perils of post-twenty five metabolism. Honest and consistently funny, My Drunk Kitchen is like a good (drunken) night in with a great friend.

To top it all off, there are Adult Lunchables. On waffle chips. With “maybe a pimento olive or something classy to show that you’re a grown-up now”. And who can resist that?

  • I just discovered Hannah’s videos last weekend and was excited to see she had a book coming out. I’m not subscribed to many females comedians on YouTube, so it was cool to see her videos and how successful she’s made it in such a short time.

    • She did get super popular really quick, and it’s great to see her getting more attention because of the book!

  • Her videos crack me up!! I had no idea she had a book coming out. Too cool!

  • Kerry M

    This sounds fabulous. How had I never heard of her!?

  • AnnabelSmith

    Adultolesence is the best word!

  • As a person who is fond of drunkenly cooking things, I think I need this book!

  • OMG, I’m laughing my ass off a “a shit ton of lime.” LOLOL! How did I not get in on this sooner? Want the book. All the YouTube vids.

    • I bet I can out crawl into tiny spaces you!
      It’s so much fun, and the book is a great companion.

      • Yes! That one got me, too. lol I have my watching goodness for the rest of the day.

  • Stacy (The Novel Life)

    awww it sounds like a really cool book and one I should gift to my sister-in-law who just turned 31. too cute!

  • Ti Reed

    Is she actually drunk while cooking? In one part of the clip she looked the part. LOL.I think this would make a great gift at Christmas!

  • I ADORE her. Glad to hear it’s a good read. :D

  • Words for Worms

    Ha! This sounds like something I’d like.

  • S.G. Wright

    Crazy video. That must sum it up

  • This sounds fun, but definitely not like my type of cookbook. I hate not having precise measurement!

  • Tanya M

    I love cookbooks, this sounds like a fun one.

  • This sounds less like a cookbook and more like a memoir – albeit a magical, fun, amazing one. :) I’m definitely checking it out.

  • Carrie @ Other Women’s Stories

    I ran unto this one this week and checked out a couple of her YouTube videos to see what all the fuss was about. It’s interesting what she’s doing. I think I’ll have to read this book just to see how well it’s executed.

  • Want!!!