E-Reading Woes



I’ve had a huge shift in my reading over the past year, where I went from reading almost exclusively in e-book to full on paper. While I just assumed my preferences were gradually changing, and still feel quite convinced they have, I’ve recently started to wonder if my e-reader might be to blame.

Kelly from The Well-Read Readhead posted about her reading habits last week, and after commenting I had a bit of a light bulb moment. I was reading on an old Kindle 3 in my high usage e-reading days. It was bare bones, but super easy to download books and really lightweight. The downside? No backlight to read in bed at night. I had planned to upgrade to a Paperwhite for its backlight, but Barnes and Noble started to discount their tablets and I snagged a Nook HD+ for just a few dollars more.

Did I need a tablet? Not really. But I figured it would be nice to have the added features for almost the same price. Looking back over the past year, I’ve never used the tablet for anything other than reading. I’m just not a tablet person. I use my laptop wherever I need to in the house and my phone when I’m out. That means I’ve basically been using my Nook as a dedicated e-reader, but unfortunately it’s not very practical. It’s way too big to just throw in my bag and just feels heavy when reading. No wonder my e-reading has slumped.

I’m thinking I might try to sell the Nook and jump down to either a Paperwhite or a Kobo Glo. I know the rest of the world is leaving their dedicated e-reader in the dust, but I’m starting to think it might be just what I need.


Have you noticed your e-reading changing depending on the device you use?