Book Blogger Top Picks 2014

Book Blogger Top Picks 2014 – Open Voting

Book Blogger Top Picks 2014


As the Goodreads Choice Awards roll around near the end of each year, I’m always curious what voting might look like from a pool of book bloggers. There are some fantastic awards for specific genres, like the Cybils (Children and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards) and the INSPY’s (Blogger’s Award for Excellence in Faith Driven Literature), but as far as I know there isn’t anything that polls bloggers on titles across the board.

So, let’s give it a shot! Rather than putting together an “award”, I’m aiming for something more informal—just a look at the 2014 titles book bloggers loved the most. I’ll keep track of the choices using Google Forms, which will be narrowed down to the top six in each category when open voting closes on November 8th. A final round of voting from the top three will take place starting on November 22nd to determine a top pick for each category by December 6th.

I’m not collecting any information other than your picks and your blog name, which is just to make sure everyone taking part is active in the community and not voting more than once. I know many of us still have stacks of 2014 books left to read, so the form is set to allow edits for that incredible last-minute read. Give it a go! Or…you know, finish what you’re reading first.

Open Voting for Book Blogger Top Picks 2014 

Open voting for 2014 has closed, but you can still take part in Semifinal Voting!

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