Tracking #24in48



I feel like I’m getting started late on this one, now that it’s 7 am and many readers in my time zone were up at midnight last night reading! I had a super busy week and when I got home from a work party last night, I promptly crashed…so it’s catch up time. I’ll mostly be keeping up with #24in48 through Twitter (@rivercityreadin) and Instagram (@rivercityreading), but will update here with my fancy-dancy spreadsheet every few hours, too.

Opening Questionnaire 

1. What part of the world are you reading from this weekend?

Gorgeous Richmond, Virginia, where I happened to be trapped in my house by a marathon, so a readathon is perfect.

2. What book are you most looking forward to reading?

It wasn’t in my original plans, but I had a copy of Edward Hirsch’s Gabriel on hold at the library that came in yesterday. If the Literary Disco episode on it was any hint I’ll be both weeping and in awe of the writing, so I’m excited to pick it up.

3. Are you planning on reading from someplace besides your house or apartment this weekend?

Totally trapped by that marathon, at least today. I think I’m staying put.

4. Tell us something about yourself!

I work in education, have books up to my ears and an Australian Shepherd to who loves to cuddle when it’s cold, so she’ll likely make an appearance this weekend!

5. If you’ve done this readathon before, do you have any tips for other readers? If you haven’t, is there anything you’re nervous about?

I think I’ve done it twice now? I definitely did it the last time and it’s fantastic! I always just like to have a great mix of short books at the ready.

Update 1


Things are going well so far! I finished Gabriel by Edward Hirsh, which was pretty heartbreaking but incredible. And I’m just about halfway through On Immunity, which I’m loving. It’s smart and balanced and really well written.

The husband and I are catching up on some Top Chef right now, but it will be back to reading in a few!

Update 2


It’s getting close to 4pm here and I’m coming up on five total hours of reading. So, that Top Chef marathon maybe went on a bit too long. But I finished On Immunity, which was ah-mazing, and just picked up Lily King’s Euphoria. I’m already loving it, so #24in48 is treating me right.

Update 3

24483 (1)

It’s about 10pm and I’ve done about 7 hours of reading, which means I likely won’t hit 24 in 48, but I’m totally happy with all the reading I’ve done so far. I’m pretty in love with Euphoria. It’s quite different than I expected, but so great. I also picked up Levels of Life by Julian Barnes, which seems like an interesting little book.

Update 4


I spent this morning grocery shopping and putting on a pot of chili (my favorite readathon food), but also squeezed in a bit of reading. I finished up Euphoria, which will definitely be making it on my favorites list for 2014, and read some more of Levels of Life. I also picked up Frances Larson’s Severed, which I started earlier this week.

Final Update


So, it’s a far cry from 24 hours, but I read way more than I would normally read in a weekend (and they were all great books!), so I’m quite happy. I’m so glad I had a free weekend that aligned with the readathon to set aside and dive into all this bookish goodness!

  • Happy reading!

  • Kerry M

    Have fun!!

  • Susan W

    I see you’ve got Euphoria on your pile, I just finished it and it was wonderful, so I hope you get to it.
    Also, isn’t Literary Disco the best? I don’t know what part of the podcast I like better, the book discussion or the chit chat before hand?

    • It’s my absolute favorite podcast. They’ve brought so many books to my attention that I never would have known about…I can’t thank them enough. And I totally agree – I just adore both parts of the podcast equally.

      • Amber

        I love the Lit Disco love fest here! I couldn’t agree more. I also wanted to read Gabriel this weekend but my hold was mysteriously cancelled at the library and someone beat me to it. I have to wait till next month but I’m glad you liked it too. I’m bracing myself for all the tears.
        Also – all your readathon updates are perfect! So neat and organized with spreadsheets. Love it!

  • I am still in love with your spreadsheet. I think readathon participation has turned me into an Excel nerd. Enjoy your 24in48!

  • Karsyn Smith

    I hope that you are enjoying your time reading and getting a lot in! Have a blast!!

  • Words for Worms

    You are the Queen of Readathons. I might have to make you a tiara.

  • Ellie Potten

    I didn’t read THAT much in the end – 8 hours, 288 pages – but it’s way more than my target daily page count and included Dickens, so… I’ll take that as a success! I don’t think I helped myself by actually sleeping MORE than usual, haha. I was torn between starting at midnight on Saturday or getting up early instead, and ended up doing neither. Same on Saturday night – I thought I’d go to bed on time and get up early, but ended up sleeping in again! Oh well… roll on the next one, this was so much fun with Instagram and Twitter and actually having time to talk to people between chapters without panicking!

    My Sunday and wrap-up, should you care to drop by sometime:

    Happy reading for the new week! :D

  • Great job! I totally failed at this readathon — 7 hours, 288 pages, but it was still more than I usually read in two days, so I’m not too disappointed.