No Longer a Library Slacker


What a difference a year makes! In January, I shared my status as a library book slacker. At that point, I hadn’t checked out a book from the library in years because I was so bad at returning them on time. YEARS. But thanks to some encouragement in the comments, mostly around using the online hold system, I took the leap a few months later.

Since then, I’ve been doing weekly trips and have definitely found it easier to get books back on time if I have another waiting on hold. I guess I need some bookish encouragement. It hasn’t been too crazy, but the hold lists have certainly started to grow and I’m just waiting for the dreaded day when a whole batch comes in at once.

Even though only a small percentage of the books I read this year came from the library, I’m aiming to change that for 2015. I’ve gone through some of the lists I made in Edelweiss and requested that my library order them, so hopefully I can pick them up that way. Here’s to libraries in the New Year!

Are you a reformed library slacker? Any more professional library tips to share?