2014: Books By the Numbers

2014 Reading

Well, this is what happens when you’re off work for two weeks (but aren’t ready to be productive just quite yet), really love spreadsheets and ran out of episodes of Homeland.

Overall, I read a little less than last year (even though Goodreads was really sure I could catch up last night), but branched out into a few new genres and finally learned to love short stories. The biggest change in my reading habits was a switch from digital to paper, which started to happen toward the end of 2013. I think the switch had quite a bit to do with the issues I had reading on a tablet. I’ve gone down to a Kobo Glo, which I love, but still prefer to read paper copies when possible. Even though I read more books by women and minorities this year, I’m still hoping to improve my reading diversity in 2015. We’ll have to see how all of those new goals go!

Do you keep track of your reading? Did you notice any big changes this year?