2014: Books By the Numbers

2014 Reading

Well, this is what happens when you’re off work for two weeks (but aren’t ready to be productive just quite yet), really love spreadsheets and ran out of episodes of Homeland.

Overall, I read a little less than last year (even though Goodreads was really sure I could catch up last night), but branched out into a few new genres and finally learned to love short stories. The biggest change in my reading habits was a switch from digital to paper, which started to happen toward the end of 2013. I think the switch had quite a bit to do with the issues I had reading on a tablet. I’ve gone down to a Kobo Glo, which I love, but still prefer to read paper copies when possible. Even though I read more books by women and minorities this year, I’m still hoping to improve my reading diversity in 2015. We’ll have to see how all of those new goals go!

Do you keep track of your reading? Did you notice any big changes this year?


  • Diane D

    Happy New Year Shannon – looks like you had a decent 2014 in books and have some great plans for 2015. I just said to my husband that I have been off for 2 weeks as well and have not read an entire book —shame on me — too much television.

    • I had a great start to my two weeks off, but I haven’t picked up a book in a few days! I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon a bit.

  • Wow – this graphic is absolutely amazing! What did you use to make it? Congrats on a great year of reading – 150 books is awesome despite what Goodreads told you last night :) Your genre breakouts are similar to mine…minus the graphics and short stories. I still haven’t broken into those genres yet. Happy New Year!

    • This one was with Piktochart, but there are a few other tools I was playing around with that are really great, too. I hope you have a Happy New Year, too!

  • I love these nerdy stats so much. I should teach myself how to do this.

    My big change this year was the number of books I read…less than half of what I read the year before. I guess another big change was that I didn’t read as many books that I LOVED. I don’t know, it was a weird year.

    I have high hopes for 2015!

    • I kind of feel like this was a strange year for me, too, even though my reading stayed pretty constant. There were definitely way more so-so books than I usually have and not as many highlights this time around.

  • Shan

    Please, oh please, teach us how to do this! Beautiful and an ingenious way to reflect back/improve reading habits. Well done.

    • I used Piktochart for this one, but there are a few other sites (Infogram, Visually) that work really well, too!

  • Ahh, I love kickass charts. I definitely have the female contingent covered in this year’s reading, and I surpassed 25% diversity. Shooting higher in 2015, but other than that, might be all the goals I’m really setting. TBR, of course. Always. Story of my life. Why do I feel like I’ve left this comment before? #brokenrecord

  • Ashley Farley

    Your stats are impressive. 154 is amazing. Happy New Year!

  • Oooh! I love that lovely little infographic! Piktochart, huh? I’m hoping for more diversity in 2015 as well but I have such a tough time knowing how to track. Just POC? Or Non-Europeans? Or Translated works? I definitely want to read more older books–like pre 1900. Can’t believe I didn’t read any last year!

    Fun seeing your numbers in the chart.

    • I’ve seen some bloggers who do POC, translated, etc all separate, so that’s something you could do. I think whatever sounds like it would work for you!

  • The infographic is great! I love the spreadsheet you tweeted, too. I wish I knew how to do all those tricks for easy math!

  • olduvai

    My pie charts post looks so amateur now…

  • Wow you had a great year in reading. Love the chart too. Damn they can’t get those Homeland episodes out fast enough. My husband & I finished Season 3 on DVD but now are left wondering ….

  • Love the infographic! That is a lot of information!

  • Ciska van der Lans

    Love your chart!!
    Tried to keep track with a spreadsheet this year but failed miserably. Will make a new attempt this year.
    Have a great 2015!

    • Sometimes I fall really far behind with entering books in my spreadsheet, too, so I can see how that can happen. Hope 2015 is great for you, too!

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  • Wesley

    Beautiful graph! I love seeing how other people track their reads. I can’t do anything more fancy than my goodreads unfortunately. Maybe I’ll work on that this year!

  • Kerry M

    Ooooooh, so purdy! Interesting that you’re switching from digital *to* paper, rather than vice versa. Do you not read e-books outside of e-galleys at all? (I mostly ask because I’ve struggled with tracking formats of books for this reason–I can never decide if I should count e-galleys as a separate category from e-books.)

    • Last year I read some non-galley ebooks, but I didn’t read any this year (I actually had a separate category for them in my spreadsheet, but deleted it from the data when I had zero).

  • What! Shannon! Look at your fancy statistics graphics! They are so pretty. I want to keep track of more of my reading habits this year, not just statistics — stuff like where I got the book from, what format i read it in, etc. I think I tend to go through long phases of reading only ebooks, then long phases of only physical books. It’s a both/and proposition for me, but I am always glad to have the option.

    • I keep track of source (if it was from a publisher, indie, used bookstore, etc) and format, too. It’s interesting to look back on at the end of the year and compare from year to year, too.

  • Beautiful recap! I was going to do a normal recap but you’ve inspired me to try out some visuals and graphs. Congrats on a fantastic year of reading!

  • Looks like you had a great reading year! Your chart is wonderful!

  • crimeworm

    LOVE your breakdown! Wish I was as adept with technology as you! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and love all your original ideas for posts…and 154 books? Wish I could read as quickly as you! All the best for 2015!

  • Cool infographic! Even though I don’t like hardcovers, that was the format I read in most often this year. I think that’s probably because I bought many new books and then read them right away (and got many review copies as hardcovers). I’d like to up my digital reading, but I haven’t found a device that I like to use consistently.

  • Great infographic! And nice job fitting in more diverse authors!

  • Vasilly

    Love the graphics! My biggest changes were diversity and numbers. Hopefully I’ll have a better year. Good luck with your goals!

  • lulu_bella

    SUCH PRETTY STATS!!! It looks like you had a great reading year, especially when it comes to diversity. That’s my big goal for 2015, so I’m looking forward to all the great authors/books I’ll discover.