It’s Monday, January 19th. What Are You Reading?


Oh hey, I’m on a streak of great reading! After having a hard time settling on a book last week, it’s been nice to catch a few really good reads in a row. I can’t wait to spread the word about Asali Solomon’s Disgruntled, which I hope finds its way into YA circles though it’s being published as an adult title. It’s a really great coming of age story. Right now I’m also loving Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson, which hooked me from page one, and She Weeps Each Time You’re Born by Quan Barry. I lucked out with the holiday off today, so I’m hoping to get a little extra reading time (and maybe some extra binge-watching time, too).

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • Yes, to all three titles. I want to read them all! I’m so glad that Disgruntled is good, i so wanted it to be.

    • I’m honestly really surprised it was picked up by an adult publisher and think it would make more sense as YA, but I really liked it.

  • Elena

    I’m glad you’re finally settling into some reading, me too, luckily. I love that you’re always reading a few books at the same time, because I wish I could, but it just doesn’t work for me. So, hands down to you and your attention, really.

    Yesterday I started Kay Scarpetta #7, because I really felt like ‘going back to the morgue’, and it does feel good!

    • I totally understand only being able to do one read (especially if you’re reading for school at the same time!). I have to make sure the two books I’m reading are pretty different, otherwise I can’t keep track either.

  • That’s great that you’re on a good streak! I’m in a bit of a slump and am looking for a slump buster. I’m planning to read Welcome to Braggsville for February. Will be getting to it soon.

    • I hope you find something! Braggsville is really unique – it has pages that are very stream of consciousness and then hops into a regular narrative. I’m loving it.

  • Great choices again this week! I’ve heard good things about Braggsville in particular. Like Elena I wish I could read multiple books at once but I tried it once and just couldn’t keep the details/characters/plots straight. I admire your ability!

  • Kelly TheWellReadRedhead

    You always seem to be reading books with such interesting covers! Glad you’re on a good reading streak, I’m having one of those as well. It’s refreshing. :)

    • Megan Folse

      I agree, the covers always look so enticing. I really like the cover for ‘She Weeps Each Time You’re Born’. It’s a unique title, too.

    • It’s definitely refreshing! I really needed a good streak to pick me up a bit.

  • Anita LeBeau

    Enjoy your extra reading time. I have to tell you, I’m always so amazed at the different books you find, I’m so boring and mainstream :(. I need to branch out more.

  • I always love a good coming of age tale. I’ll be watching for that one :D Braggsville is also on my radar.

    • It’s really great at looking at all the weird, uncomfortable parts of growing up, too. I totally enjoyed it.

  • I haven’t heard of Welcome to Braggsville, but Disgruntled and She Weeps Each Time You’re Born sound excellent.

  • Disgruntled sounds great, and so do the other two, actually. I’m reading The Girl on the Train today, along with everybody else, it seems!

  • Oh I dont know these three titles. They look good. I’m about to start The Jaguar’s Children right now.