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Monika from A Lovely Bookshelf wrote a fantastic post earlier this week highlighting five book blogs that make her happy. With the negativity we’ve been wading through lately, the post was a great push to get back on track and connect with one another. At the same time, it also reminded me this is the perfect opportunity to think about expanding our circles to include new blogs, whether they’re new to us or new to the blogosphere. Here are a few great book blogs I recently started following:

Bookishly Speaking

April’s blog is lovely, her taste is great and she has some serious library skills. I love seeing what she has checked out each week.

Books, the Universe & Everything

I don’t know how I didn’t find Emily’s blog sooner, but I want to make sure no one else is left behind! She will give you a serious case of wanderlust and rock you with some really thoughtful posts.

Gun In Act One

It takes a special set of sisters to handle the work of book blogging together, but Holly and Amanda have it down. Sometimes they split the work and let us see their different tastes, but they also bring it together for some sisterly snark.

Malcolm Avenue Review

After following her on Twitter and seeing her great taste in books, I was super excited when Lauren started blogging last year. Little did I know her reviews would be so incredible AND she’d share positive posts with pictures of her sweet pup each week.

Outlandish Lit

If you read the first paragraph of Julianne’s About Me page, you’ll know why I had to follow her blog. But not only does she make me laugh (every time!), she’s reading some amazing books to boot.

Shaina Reads

Shaina started blogging late last year and has jumped right into it with really creative ways to share her reading, like a chat/review with Julianne from Outlandish Lit.


What blogs have you added to your feed reader recently?

  • Yay! I love it. I like Bookishly Speaking, too. Others are new to me.

  • Wonderful!! Most of these are new to me. I’m excited to add them to my Feedly!

  • You changed your look and I like it!!

  • Thanks for sharing – these blogs are all new to me (except Outlandish Lit, who I just started following on Bloglovin) and I’ll check them out!

  • Care

    Great! Question, which feed reader do you use? Thanks

    • I use BlogLovin, mostly just because I like how simple it is, but I know many people like Feedly.

      • Care


  • What a treat to wake up this morning and see this! Thank you so much!

    I can also not believe I didn’t know about your blog sooner – so glad we’ve fixed that!! I’m also greatly looking forward to checking out the other lovely blogs you’ve featured.

  • Holly @ guninactone

    Thanks so much for the nice shout-out – and for all the other recommendations that I need to check out! Also, your new look is lovely!

  • I just added six new blogs to my feed. I can’t wait to start exploring them! :)

  • Be still, my heart! Thanks so much for the mention. :)

    Off to explore the others—except for Julianne, since we clearly know all about each other already. ;)

  • Amanda

    Thank you! I love the “sisterly snark!” thanks too for some more recommendations to check out!

  • Well, I’ve started reading yours, for one – ha! Your blog was recommended to me by Sarah (at Sarah’s Book Shelves); most of the blogs that I follow are running-related (since most of my post are related to my running adventures), but I love great book blogs, as well, since I also post book reviews. Thank you for the additional recommendations; these are great, and kudos on your blog, as well!

  • Amy Sachs

    I’m so excited to check some of these out, they’re almost all new to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Well, doggone it, now you’ve gone and made me tear up. How very kind of you, I am humbled and honored. Thank you so much, means more than you know. I can’t wait to check out these other blogs, one can never have too many friends or book recommendations.

    The new look is fantastic, I love it.

  • OMG! All of these are new to me except Shaina! And we just connected fairly recently. I’m so glad you introduced me to some new (and absolutely fabulous I’m sure) blogs!

  • Wesley

    I love this idea! This should be a thing!

  • All of these are new to me except Bookishly Speaking and Outlandish Lit. (Love them!) Thanks for sharing the rest!


    Thanks for this – some great new-to-me blogs to check out! And I’m so happy to see Julianne (Outlandish Lit) in this list. She’s absolutely fantastic – as a blogger and person! And she has a knack for finding quirky (or straight up weird) books that you haven’t heard about all over the blogosphere.
    New follower thanks to our Twitter convo! (See? Sometimes I remember…. okay, not often. But I’m working on it!)

    • ~love u~

    • I’m just as bad for forgetting, too, but I actually added blogs as soon as they were mentioned today – on the road to recovery!


        Me toooooooo! Now, let’s see if it sticks. (I wouldn’t hold your breath….)

  • You seriously made my day! Thank you for being a positive force in the book blog world.

  • Perfect timing! I’ve been searching for a list of new book blogs – Google was not doing me any favors in the area of new leads in a “book blog” search

  • Perfect timing! I’ve been searching for a list of new book blogs – Google was not doing me any favors in the area of new leads in a “book blog” search. Also this is my first attempt at Disquis, and I’m not sure why it’s posting a giant picture (tried to delete it – this is confusing so apologies). Anyway, thanks again!

    • It really can be hard to find book blogs through Google!

      Sorry Disqus was giving you trouble, but it looks like you’re all set with a cute account picture now! (I didn’t even know you could post big pictures like that, so you’re a step ahead of me!)

  • My book blogger list on feedly has been calling out for new faces for awhile. All six of these bloggers were new to me, so thank you!

  • All new to me, too! I checked them all out and followed! Also added a few books to my TBR list. What a nice idea!

  • This is a great idea — this is how I find new bloggers to read, through introductions just like this. Thanks for pointing them out!

  • Thank you so much! ^___^ You and Leah are my book blogging idols so I definitely fangirled a bit! Following all of these lovelies now! :)

  • I just followed them all!

  • I *just* had the chance to sit down and go through all these blog recommendations. What a great selection! Thank you, Shannon, it’s always nice to make some new connections and this is a great group.

  • Thank you…just added them to my feed!

  • Shaina and Amanda are two that I’ve recently “met” as well. I’m always impressed with ALL the great new bloggers!! Thanks for the roundup.

  • Christy (A Good Stopping Point

    Thanks for listing these – I hadn’t heard of any of them, so I’ve added them to my reader.

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  • Thanks for the names of these blogs, new to me. I think your post is a great idea. Let’s get some positive vibes out to people doing great work!

  • AnnabelSmith

    Ah, it’s always great to discover some new book blogs – thanks for the recommendations.

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