It’s Monday, February 16th. What Are You Reading?


It’s Monday and Michigan is really ridiculously cold. I forgot how horrible it feels to walk outside and instantly feel the inside of your nose freeze. One member of my family is totally loving this little vacation, though. I hoped to have a little more time to read in the car, but ended up getting sucked into several podcasts. I did start Spinster by Kate Bolick and My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh, but I’m not quite sure how much time I’ll have for reading this week…we’ll see! After celebrating a great blogiversary last week, it might be a little lackluster here for a few days unless I can put some gloves on these cold fingers and get to typing.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • Derek Harms

    I’m in Michigan as well and yes, this cold is obscenely ridiculous. I’m surprised – though pleased – that my poor old car is holding up so well.

    I just started reading Marlon James’s much-lauded A Brief History of Seven Killings. Having a baby to chase after might mean slow going, but l could no longer resist jumping into one of my heftier books.

    • Hope you enjoy A Brief History! It was a slow read for me, too, especially in the beginning…it takes some time to get to know all the characters (and there are many!). I didn’t love it in the end, but I really appreciate all the work that went into it.

  • I’m dying to hear what you think of My Sunshine Away! And – to make you feel better, Richmond is supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow tonight. I thought I was escaping my NY frozen tundra to visit family in VA for the week and the snow followed me – UGH!

    • I’ve been hearing about Richmond’s snow! I’m almost glad to be here where we’ll still be able to get around. Stay safe there – Virginians aren’t great on those snowy roads ;)

  • Books on the Table

    I LOVED My Sunshine Away — in fact, I loved it so much that I sent a little fan email to the author as soon as I finished the book. And he is such a kind and gracious person that he responded within minutes with a lengthy, detailed reply.

    • That’s so great to hear! I’m only about 30 pages in and it’s definitely super engaging right off the bat. Hoping to have some more time to pick it up soon.

  • Wesley

    Ah yes, the inside of the nose freeze. Being a fellow midwesterner I live that life.
    I’m reading “When the Doves Disappeared” which is a little confusing but mostly good with a great, slightly ominous cover.

    • I’ve been very curious about that book, mostly because the cover is so great.

      • Wesley

        It makes you feel like an expert on Estonia.

  • purplemoonmyst

    Both of those books sound interesting. I live in Northern Ohio and I am always cold this time of year.

  • I’ve started Spinster but have yet to finish it. I think its one of those book I will dipping in and out of. I really want the Walsh book and have it on my Wish list.

  • Living in Colorado, the weather is never consistent. It freezing today with a bunch of snow. It was 70 on Saturday. That being said, I’ll take it compared to where I grew up (New Hampshire, which looks just plain awful this year).

  • Elena

    Spinster sounds fantastic, can’t wait for your review. And I hope Ruby enjoys herself. It snowed here in Spain last week and Sil, my puppy, completely ignored the snow. Why care? I even recorded his first time in the snow thinking it would be so funny… it’s not.

  • I hope you’re staying warm and finding a little time for reading…but I bet not, on either of those counts, lol. I’m really curious about Spinster!

  • Lindsey Stefan

    Yup, I’m done with the cold too. It’s tough to explain to your little guy that he can’t play outside because it feels like -15 degrees out there.

    Stay warm and enjoy your reads this week!

  • Irene McKenna

    I have heard so much praise for The Sunshine Away!

  • Belated Congrats on your bloggiversary and this weeks books sound awesome. I hope you enjoy your time away – I just got back from a V-Day weekend away which I didn’t spend much time reading as was out and about so hopefully now back will catch up! :D

  • Have a blast, friend! Preferably not a blast of cold. Feet by the fire!

  • Oh that sounds cold! The good news really is that the only thing you can do when it’s that cold is read.
    I’ve heard only amazing things about Spinster – I really want to read that!

    Stay warm out there!

  • I tried to start My Sunshine Away tonight but things were too distracting around here. I hope I can get into it tomorrow.

    • That’s how I keep feeling…I read part of it in the car on the way here and have been wanting to get back to it. Crossing fingers for both of us!

  • AnnabelSmith

    I just read a brand new debut called The Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader. She is Australian but it’s coming out in the US also so keep an eye out for it. It reminded me a little of Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites in its setting, mood and themes.

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