My 2015 Tournament of Books Bracket

2015 TOB


We’re getting really close now! The 2015 Tournament of Books starts March 5th and the brackets have been released. Since it was fun to make some predictions last year (and I didn’t do too terrible in the end), I thought I’d give it a shot again. I didn’t get through all the titles, but I did end up reading nine of the sixteen.

My predictions are based on what I think the judges may pick, not what I would choose. And some of these are totally out of the air because the pairings are killing me. Either way, my strongest prediction is that we will see All the Light We Cannot See or Station Eleven in the final round (possibly both) and one of them will win. I think they’re most likely to be Zombie picks if they don’t get to that point on their own, which they both have a strong chance of doing. As for the match-ups I’m most anxious for?

The Bone Clocks v. Adam (March 9)

I didn’t read either of these, but I’ve read some…interesting things about Adam, so I’m curious how the commentary will go.

All the Birds, Singing v. A Brief History of Seven Killings (March 10)

I loved All the Birds, Singing and…didn’t love A Brief History, but I think they’re both really strong contenders and definitely have serious fans. Totally unsure which way this one will swing.

Station Eleven v. An Untamed State (March 16)

Whyyyyyyy? Why? I feel like An Untamed State could have tackled almost any other title, but I’m just not sure it can win up against the universal love for Station Eleven. I hope I’m wrong.


What are your predictions for the Tournament of Books? 


  • Station Eleven vs. An Untamed State is a ridiculous pairing. I wonder how the bracket gets done? There should be some sort of seeding system a la NCAA b’ball tourney so 2 top contenders don’t end up “playing in the first round”. But, I guess the “top contenders” could be very different for different people.

    • I know they do create seeds (you can see the little numbers next to the book titles in the far left and right), but I have no idea what they use to come up with those rankings. Maybe book sales? But that wouldn’t seem fair, since some titles have been out much longer than others.

  • So basically I need to read Station Eleven, An Untamed State, and All the Light IMMEDIATELY! Can’t wait to see how you end up!

  • I’m going to be on pins and needles. SO many good books in the ring this year.

  • I haven’t read An Untamed State yet, but based on what I know about it I totally agree — it’s such a bummer those two awesome books are going up against each other in the first round. I think you’re right that both Station Eleven and All The Light We Cannot See have a good chance of coming back in a zombie round.

    • I really hope that things fall in a way that An Untamed State is able to come back if it’s knocked out early…it really deserves multiple discussions.

  • olduvai

    I know!! How could they pit Untamed Station against Station Eleven!?!? I’m with you on the All The Light vs Station Eleven possible final round thing. But who knows? I secretly hope that All the Birds, Singing wins it though… but I know that’s a tough one

    • I would love to see All the Birds, Singing to far, too…mostly because I’d be interested in seeing all the different perspectives on it.

  • Kelly TheWellReadRedhead

    This, like the Oscars, is something that I never feel like I can weigh in on, because I’ve never read enough of the nominees. :) But based just on the buzz I’ve heard about each of these books, I’d say your choices for the championship matchup are absolutely plausible!

    • I was shocked by how many I had read when the list was announced (I actually only read one after)…it was a great happy accident. You can still have an opinion even if you haven’t read, I definitely do ;)

  • I’m trying to finish up the last of my reviews before I post my bracket (it’s done :) ) — but I’ve decided to use what I would choose rather than the judges (because I’m super lazy and haven’t read up on them) … I’d like to see Untamed State/Station Eleven come back during one of the zombie rounds. :)

    Edit: Also looking at your brackets again, we’re in pretty close agreement. :D

    • I actually agree with most of what I think the judges will pick (actually…I’d pick the opposite on all of the East Coast in the first round except for Silence Once Begun vs. Redeployment so maybe not). I’m so anxious to see yours since you’ve READ so many of them!

  • My predictions are very close to this but I have a feeling the judge will go with “History of Seven Killings” over “All the Birds”. I was also devastated to see Untamed and Station Eleven going against each other but I think they both have good zombie chances.

    • I’m going to be really interested in the Seven Killings/All the Birds match-up…that’s one that is really up in the air for me.

  • It hurts my soul that an Untamed State and Station Eleven are up against each other in the first round.

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