reading isnt easy

Reading Isn’t Easy: Top Book Related Problems

reading isnt easy

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Book Related Problems and boy I have a few!

Puzzling Shelves

Oh, the horror of having to completely rearrange bookshelf rows because of one new book! I absolutely do not envy bookshop staff for this very reason (maybe you have some pointers?).

Those Pesky Pets

Most of the time it’s adorable, but having a 45 pound dog with her nose in your face isn’t the most ideal way to read a book. Same goes for paws on your pages or demanding toys everywhere.

Do I Own That?

I am the worst at keeping track of what books I own, particularly if I own more than one book from a single author, so book shopping can be a nightmare…and makes me feel horribly guilty.

All the Holds at Once

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bookworm in possession of a library card will have all of their holds come in at once.

On the Road

The torture of packing books when traveling! What if I don’t bring enough? What if I don’t have the book I really want to read?

Reading and Eating

I distinctly remember using a cereal bowl to hold open the pages of a paperback through every childhood breakfast, so I’ve had a long affair with books and food. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing better than reading and eating at the same time. Sadly, it can also be a pretty tricky, messy dance.

A Closet for Dust Jackets

I love reading hardcovers, but absolutely can’t read one with the dust jacket on. When I take them off, they just end up thrown around until I’m done. I really need a little dust jacket closet.


What makes the act of reading tricky for you?