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What’s On My Podcast App?

favorite podcasts

Or, more accurately, why I haven’t read in several days. I spend most of my time in the car listening to podcasts, but I recently accumulated a backlog of so many great sounding episodes on my PocketCasts app that I listened in place of reading through most of the 12 hour drive to Michigan. A little over a year ago I wrote a post about my favorite bookish podcasts and they are all still in heavy rotation. I’ve gone on a bit of a movie and pop culture binge lately, thanks in part to Oscar season, and some of my new favorites seem to reflect that.

Bitch Media’s Feminist Podcast

A bi-monthly podcast that analyzes pop culture from a feminist point of view. Fantastic interviews, guests and commentary!

Dear Sugar Radio

Perhaps you heard me hyperventilating over Twitter when news of this podcast broke. Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond answer questions and give advice in the style of our forever favorite, Dear Sugar.

Nerdette Podcast

Everything a grown-up lady nerd loves rolled into one podcast. Books, movies, music and nerdettes of days past. Heather over at Capricious Reader has a whole post about the show up on her blog!


I feel like a total film amateur when I listen to this podcast, but I love it anyway. These guys are serious about movies like book people are serious about books…and it’s great.

Slate’s Culture Gabfest

Like an audio water cooler, but with really smart, funny on point commentary. Whenever I feel out of the loop when it comes to news or weekly happenings, I make sure to listen.


What podcasts have you been listening to?

  • Heather just posted about loving Nerdette, too. Now I officially have no excuses.

  • OK – it’s like you had ESP about the question I was going to ask in today’s post on my blog (speculated about why I could concentrate on Serial podcast, but not on audiobooks) and then wrote an entire post answering my question! This is great! The Slate pop culture one sounds promising (I’m not really into movies). I’m also going to check out your literary podcasts post.
    And – to answer your question – I recently finished Serial (which I loved) and am looking for new podcasts to listen to as well. I love sports, so Bill Simmons’ pop culture/sports mash-up the B.S. Report is high on my list…he covers The Bachelor too :)

    • It seemed to be a very podcast-y day in the blogosphere! As for the spoilers, most are VERY good about letting you know but will rarely ever drop a spoiler. The only one I think you might have to watch out for from my book podcast list is Literary Disco, but that’s because they discuss a specific book, usually during the second half of each episode (it will be the title of the episode).

  • Kerry M

    Ok, I’m kicking myself for not previously knowing about/listening to Nerdette and the Bitch Media one… These both sound SO spectacular. I’m still struggling to find an Android podcast app that I love, but you’ve given me new reason to go searching for something today!

    • I’m an Androider! I used to use Stitcher and really liked it, but paid for PocketCasts not too long ago and it’s been really fantastic.

  • Thank you for the shoutout!! Now, I have to go add even more podcasts to my already crazy long list. And to look up Pocket Casts. I use Downcast, which is great, but I’m always looking for the perfect podcast app.

    • I really love PocketCasts, but it’s a paid app…I used to use the free version of Stitcher and it was great, too!

  • Great minds think alike — I had a post up today on some of the podcasts I’m listening too. And they’re nearly all different from yours, which is awesome. I’m going to check out the Nerdette podcast, sounds great.

    • It seemed like there were several podcast posts today and I love it! I’m definitely going to check what you have up…to feed my addiction :)

  • Amy Sachs

    I love the Dear Sugar podcast, but you just gave me a ton of new ones to scope out! My favorite has been Welcome to Nightvale for ages though.

  • I downloaded a couple book podcasts (Book Riot, Literary Disco, Nightstand) and Slate Culture. Question for you – do any of the book podcasts have spoiler policies? Do they mention spoilers or are they “safe”? If they do mention spoilers, do they give fair warning? Thanks!!

  • Dear Shannon, I am already subscribed to more podcasts than I can listen to. And this post made me subscribe to three more. You are killing me. (You’re the best.)

    PS, How much did you freak out when they called up Roxane Gay on the Dear Sugar Podcast?!

  • Ooooh, there are some new-to-me goodies in this post. So excited!

  • I’m obsessed with the Dear Sugar podcast. SO SO happy it exists. I’m also adding Bitch Media’s Feminist Podcast to my podcast app, and checking out Nerdette as well. I’ve been using the New Yorker Political Scene and BBC World News Podcast (this one is twice per day and there’s no way to keep up, but I try to listen to 5 or so a week) to keep up with news and politics, and am finding myself way better informed when when I try to depend on reading news articles online (I don’t watch TV news). I’ve been getting back into podcasts and loving the ones I listen to regularly, but they are significantly cutting into my audiobook time! :)

    • I totally agree on feeling better informed! I’m a big NPR listener, too, and always feel like I catch more than I ever would from regular TV news.

  • Jennifer Conner

    I hardly listen to any podcasts. I covet my audiobook time too much. These kinds of posts always tempt me to give up some of that time. I do enjoy Simon Savidge’s podcast, but I think that’s more because I’ve met him. I tried Serial, but it didn’t do much for me. Something lighter might be the way for me to go.

    • It can be so hard with limited earworm time! My podcast addiction is the major reason I’m not an audiobook person, so I totally understand.

      • Jennifer Conner

        Together we’ve got it all covered. :)

  • I’ve been looking for some new podcast to listen to and these all sound great. Thanks ! I’ve been turned on to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour that reviews and talks about popular media ! I also enjoy the smart romance genre podcast Dear Bitches, Smart Authors and my inner junk foodie loves The Nosh Show.

  • I like two of Slate’s other podcasts: Double X (female centric world view) and the Political Gabfest. I’ve also just started listening to That Stack of Books with Nancy Pearl- the Seattle book maven.

  • I’ve been a total failure at listening to podcasts lately—I really only get my fix when my boyfriend listens without headphones! Agreed on the Culturefest, and OMG I had no idea that Dear Sugar became a podcast! That’s fantastic news.

    I do love Fresh Air’s book reviews, and if you need more nerdy goodness, Radiolab is always a safe bet.

    • Dear Sugar is SO great…it seems like it’s so long between episodes, but there have been a few now so you have a backlog.

  • I love Nerdette. And more importantly my 8 year old daughter likes it too. It gives us a chance to nerd out together. We also quite like Stuff They Didn’t Teach You In History Class.

  • YESSS!! More to add to my listening drive time. I was late to the podcast arena but picked up speed after loving Serial and then spent way too much time browsing other podcasts. Right now I LOVE Dear Sugar, This American Life, TED Radio Hour, Selected Shorts, Books on the Nightstand and KEXP Song of the day for my music fix. I also subscribed to Invisibilia on a recommendation but haven’t checked it out yet.

    • I just heard about Invisibilia on This American Life and wanted to listen to it, too! Excited to check it out.

  • Alison Law

    I wholeheartedly second (or third?) your Nerdette recommendation. I’m eager to try Bitch’s Feminist Podcast and Dear Sugar.

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