Can’t Get Enough of That Trope


If you’re anything like me, you can spend hours falling down Wikipedia wormholes thanks to the dangers of those links. Did you know there’s a wiki dedicated to tropes? If you have anything planned for the next 24 hours you may not want to look quite yet, otherwise feel free to lose yourself in TV Tropes (which is actually focused on all kinds of media). Here are just a few of the favorites I discovered:


Generational Saga

They’re all about 800 pages and no one else wants to read them, but give me a novel that spans a century and I’m as happy as can be.

True CompanionsFive-Man Band

I can’t resist a buddy novel, particularly if they age together. I’ve been duped so many times, but I will read them all.

Boarding School

Oh, and if you throw those buddies in a school setting, I’m pretty much done for.

Death by Newbery Medal

I can’t call this a favorite, because I found it through the sadness of Where the Red Fern Grows, but…okay fine, the fact that this exist makes it a favorite.

Trauma Conga Line

Take a look at my Review Archive, it’s a Trauma Conga Line in and of itself.

Sliding Scale of Endings

Isn’t this amazing? I’m a fan of the Gainax Ending and pretty much every Bad Ending…because they’re more fun and unexpected, I guess?


As for one I hate…

“Where Are They Now?” Epilogue

Thanks for ruining everything. Really. Everything.


What are some of your favorite tropes?