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Improving the Disqus Experience

using disqus


Wait! Even if you have no plans to put Disqus on your site, this post may have something for you. I’ve been a long time user and fan of the commenting system, but I’ve heard some concerns over the need to register and the difficulty of finding commenter blogs. Thankfully, there are some quick settings on both the user and commenter side that can very easily alleviate these problems and improve the experience for everyone.

Disqus Users: Allow Guests to Comment

disqus guest comments

In your Admin Panel, go to Settings > General > Community Rules

Make sure “Allow guests to comment” is checked (1). Some visitors have concerns about creating a Disqus account and this makes it possible for them to comment without logging in, though a name and e-mail will still be required (2). Disqus is pretty amazing with spam control, so I wouldn’t worry too much about being flooded with random messages.


Commenters: Add a Link to Your Disqus Profile

Disqus Profile

Go to Settings > Edit Profile

Though creating another account can be a pain, once you’ve logged into Disqus you will never have to enter the information in order to comment on a blog that uses the system (hooray for laziness!). The important thing about the account, though, is it acts as a portal to your social media sites…so unless you create a profile with links, people who read your comment won’t know how to stop by and see you. If you’re concerned about people being able to see the comments you’ve left in the past, there’s also an option to “Keep your profile activity private.”

I know many users are having problems with the Blogger commenting system lately and have been considering alternatives. There are definite pros and cons for every system out there, but hopefully these quick fixes will offer a bit of help for anyone who decides to go the Disqus route—I liked it so much that I kept it around even after I switched to WordPress! If you’re looking for help setting up Disqus during Bloggiesta, I’ll be around (@rivercityreadin) and can answer any questions.

If you already use Disqus, Alysia from My Little Pocketbooks has a mini challenge that will help you recover any missing comments.

  • Thanks for this. I have disqus so I can comment but didn’t really know anything about it. Emma

    • You’re welcome! I’ve always loved Disqus, but not being able to find the blog of a commenter has always been frustrating – I’m hoping this spreads the word. You have all the links set up on yours, so you’re totally set!

  • Thank you, this is helpful! I’m definitely interested. Can you still see old comments after adding Disqus? And is the transfer from Blogger to WordPress seamless? I’m thinking of switching to WP later this year and was thinking I should wait to add Disqus until then.

    • Yep! Disqus imports all your old comments from the Blogger system and if you decide to transfer to WP it’s actually a plguin so it’s super easy. The only strange thing I noticed when I switched on Blogger was that my old comments weren’t loaded as threaded, so my replies to other people looked like normal replies. They may have changed that now, though…this was over a year ago.

  • This is great – thank you! I’m thinking of switching over b/c I’m not sure people are receiving email notification when I reply to their comments even though I’m using a reply notification plug-in.

    • The plus side with WP is that Disqus is just a plugin, so it’s pretty easy to give it a shot and then switch back if you don’t like it, as far as I can tell.

  • I’ve made the plunge, and it IS annoying that comments are no longer threaded…also all the links to avatars and websites are lost. Drat. Well, I hope I will like it going forward!

  • Thanks for being so detailed; I’ I recently moved over to Disqus and have really been enjoying it! As Lory said, I lost the threaded comments in Blogger, avatars and bloglinks but going forward, it’s much easier to respond to people, especially if they’re not on the blogger system.

    • Glad to hear you’re liking it! I definitely found that I needed something else with Blogger…the native comment system just wasn’t cutting it.

  • I LOVE THIS! Now, if I could just get Disqus to work on my blog!

    • I wonder if it was just a weird technical time for them or if you just have the biggest comment collection on the internet ;)

      • I was sooo hoping it would work out, but Disqus claimed it was a Blogger issue — that the files weren’t able to be exported from Blogger so address them. I have absolutely no faith that Blogger would help in the slightest…so yeah. May be time to have a pro migrate me to WordPress.

  • Disqus for the win!!!

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  • I love Disqus! I love that your commenters receive your replies! I love that I can click on a name and discover their blog. It’s a great tool.

  • I am a holdout against Disqus in WP because their comments system works for me BUT I will say, thanks to you, I did install it on my Blogger blog. And am oh so happy!

  • I was so sure I would switch over to Discus when we chatted on Twitter last week, but now I’m getting nervous again. But I’m still thinking about it!

  • Thanks for the tips! I didn’t know about the guest commenting option! Woot!

  • Thanks, I had no idea about that setting and it was so easy to change — great tutorial!

  • I didn’t realize I could use this for Blogger – so that is awesome [runs to go add it now] :) Thanks!

  • Yes, I quiver every time I see a Blogger blog because I know my comments are going to randomly disappear. I have used a Disqus account to comment whenever it is available, and I haven’t had any of those issues. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • Do you know how to add more than one website to the profile? I have several…

      • You could probably just type more web addresses in the “biography” spot of your profile…I’m pretty sure they would still show up as links.

  • I just double-checked to make sure I had both of these things done. I hate when I visit blogs and the commenting system is like on red-alert lock-down mode. I want people to be as free as possible to include whatever they need to in the comments!

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  • I never realized there was a “guest comment” option! I wonder how many people haven’t commented because of that being unavailable! Oops! Turning that on now :)