It’s Monday, March 30th. What Are You Reading?


What an absolutely, ridiculously glorious lazy weekend. There were pajamas and books and blankets and all was good. I was able to wrap up a bit of work with Bloggiesta and spent a good deal of time reading, which was much needed after feeling a little out of it last week.  I’m enjoying the fun of That’s Not English and absolutely loving The Animals by Christian Kiefer—it’s been tough to put down. It feels so great to finally pick up a book that’s catching me this way…it’s been a while!

I’m kind of amazed by how well everything went with the first week of The Socratic Salon, so that’s a huge thanks to everyone who has been sharing and participating. We have a great discussion on unlikable characters going today, so you can hop over and join in!

Now I’m just looking forward to (what looks like) a week of Spring temperatures that will finally stick around, followed by a week off for Spring Break. I’m ready!

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?