Making Plans for Bloggiesta


I skipped out on the last Bloggiesta, but I can’t resist the lure of this round’s week long event, which takes place from March 23-29th. This is the perfect time of year to do a bit of Spring cleaning and I’m riding on a bit of a creative spark, which I want to take advantage of. While I don’t have a ton of work to do on the blog itself, there’s always some maintenance that needs to be done and getting ahead is a nice bonus. Here’s what I’m aiming for:


  • Backup the blog
  • Clean up media library and delete unused files
  • Double check old posts for Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin formatting
  • Work on load time with suggestions from Google Page Speed Test
  • Write and schedule posts
  • Participate in a Twitter chat or two
  • Check out the mini challenges for some new suggestions
  • Added: Optimized database tables, cleaned up post revisions, etc.

I have a mini challenge focused on tips for using Disqus, as both a blogger and commenter, if you want to pop back in and check that out. Here’s hoping we come back refreshed on the other end!

Update 3/29: A fairly successful Bloggiesta! I was able to finish up some of the major tasks I needed to get done, take part in the Twitter chats and get some posts scheduled. I didn’t finish everything, but did get some extra work done on The Socratic Salon, so overall things went well!


  • Tanya M

    Happy Blogggiesta! I need to work on cleaning up my media library too and backing up my blog. Good luck. I will probably pop in here and there next week but not pressuring myself to commit to it.

  • I need a blog-siesta to participate in Bloggiesta. *sigh* I need to work on some things, get my creative mojo back, and Bloggiesta seems the way to do it. I wish I could commit to each evening for the twitter chats, but parent conferences and class bump-ups are happening next week. Maybe I can follow along via the hashtag and pop-in every now and again.

    • You should definitely join in with a few goals even if you don’t think you’ll get much done! It’s a great way to meet other bloggers and the Twitter chats are super helpful.

  • Good luck with your goals! I need to work on adding affiliate links to old posts and cross-posting reviews to Goodreads and Edelweiss.

    • Ah, the good old cross posting! I know I’d be horrible about letting that back up if I didn’t do it as soon as I posted something…but instead I just let things like images clog up my blog ;)

      • I used to always do it as soon as I posted, but it’s harder to remember when I schedule reviews in advance!

  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    Sounds good! I was just thinking about my overcrowded media library the other day….thanks!

  • This is such a great idea! I’ll be checking back to see how things go for you; my media library is disastrous – ha! Hope you have a great weekend, Shannon!

  • Good luck with your to do list! I’m going on a trip during Bloggiesta, so I won’t be participating, but I’m looking forward to your post about Disqus. I recently switched over to it because I wanted a better reply system.

  • I’m out looking for ideas and I’m basically ripping off about half your to-do list!

  • I really need to check out that plugin! And check out the times for the Twitter chats. It seems my Bloggiesta to-do list is growing …

  • I’ve been thinking about switching over to Disqus for comments….will look out for your post even though I’m not participating in Bloggiesta. And – are you currently using Ultimate Book Blogger? If so, what do you think of it? I’ve been considering that too, but needed to get past my redesign first.

    • I’ve had the UBB for close to a year now and really love it. I don’t use maybe half of the features, but it save so much time just in formatting posts and indexing books.

  • I so badly need to do some bloggy work, but this will be the worst week for me. I’ll do good to post anything at all. I hope you have a fun and productive week!

  • Stephanie Turner

    You are off to a great start! Good luck!

  • Elizabeth Bogardus

    I will definitely check out your Discus challenge; I’m interested to know the benefits. One of my goals is to meet as many new bloggers as possible, so I am spending today visiting as many blogs on the sign up as possible. Happy Bloggiesta!

  • Kay @ It’s a Book Life

    I will have to check out your Disqus challenge. I have only ever used the standard commenting system that is on blogger. This is my first time participating in Bloggiesta and I am pumped. Today’s Twitter chat was a lot of fun. Good luck and happy blogging!

  • I have a need for speed, too. Thanks for the link. My site hasn’t done so well the last two times I checked the speed using Pingdom tools so I need to figure out what might help.

  • Kassiah

    This is a great list, Shannon. Thanks for the suggestion on checking Google Page Speed. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Good luck on accomplishing your goals this week!

  • Great job on all you accomplished! I’m excited to check out the Socratic Salon. It sounds like it will be a fun place to hang out!

  • Congrats on meeting some of your goals. You definitely accomplished a lot. I should really do that google check. I’m sure my blog has a lot of issues. :

  • Kay @ It’s a Book Life

    It looks like you had a very productive week! I know I had a lot of fun, but I also didn’t read as much this week because of it. :/ I had a blast participating in some of the Twitter chats too

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