Our Endless Numbered Days Book Review

Read This, Watch That: Our Endless Numbered Days and Take Shelter

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Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller
Published by Tin House Books on March 17, 2015 
Source: Publisher 
Pages: 382
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At just eight years old, Peggy Hillcoat is lifted from her life in London and taken into the woods by her survivalist father. Though Peggy is confused and concerned about the changes ahead, with her father’s guidance she adjusts to life away from the modern world. The pair lives in forest for years, surviving off the land around them, until the presence of a stranger shakes the foundation of their seclusion.

Though it sounds like a simple, straightforward story, Our Endless Numbered Days is anything but. Claire Fuller layers multiple themes and ideas in a novel that completely shifts in its final pages. Its first few chapters are quiet and subdued, but it soon becomes clear that pieces must fit to truly understand Peggy’s life, and the puzzle is a wonderfully crafted treat.

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Take Shelter (2011)

Fueled by hallucinations that he attempts to hide from his wife and daughter, Curtis LaForche obsessively focuses on building a storm shelter in his family’s backyard. With an absolutely incredible (and sadly underrated) performance by Michael Shannon, Take Shelter is a dark and haunting peek at preparedness and paranoia. Though their stories take much different paths, Our Endless Numbered Days and Take Shelter are rooted in similar themes and I highly recommend both.