march books

Reading Wrap-Up: March 2015

march books

What’s going on with you, 2015? You’re better than this. So many really good books, so many just okay books, but nothing blowing my mind. It’s been bothering me enough that it will be an upcoming topic for The Socratic Salon, which, by the way, was the one major upside last month! The work that went into putting everything together and kicking things off may have caused some of my distraction last month, so I’m giving March a pass…but I expect better reading from April.

Galileo’s Middle Finger by Alice Dreger
Soil by Jamie Kornegay
Delicious Foods by James Hannaham
Lucky Alan by Jonathan Letham
The Listener by Rachel Basch
Is Shame Necessary? by Jennifer Jacquet
The Lost Boys Symphony by Mark Andrew Ferguson
The First Bad Man by Miranda July
H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald
That’s Not English by Erin Moore

Best Book of the Month

Delicious Foods by James Hannaham

I’m definitely looking forward to some more great discussions with The Socratic Salon this month, including talks on We Should All Be Feminists, Our Endless Numbered Days, How to Build a Girl and Dept. of Speculation. April also means Readathon, which is the absolute best and you can sign up now!

How was your March reading? What are you looking forward to for April?

  • You’ve gotten me really interested in Galileo’s Middle Finger and Delicious Foods!

  • Glad to see you did like Delicious Foods – its on my TBR! And – I’m with you on 2015…it’s been just not that great so far. A few bright spots stand out for me, but my mind has been blown only a precious few times (A Little Life, My Sunshine Away, and Mercy Louis)! Are we getting spoiled…wanting our minds blown all the time? I’ll be looking forward to the Salon’s discussion on this. And – I just downloaded Our Endless Numbered Days…how long do I have to read it before the Salon discusses?

    • Our Endless Numbered Days is planned for April 15th! I still haven’t read it, either, but I’m hoping to squeeze it in.

      • Aaah – that’s so soon! I might have to come back to that discussion once I’ve read it. Don’t think I’ll get to it by the 15th.

  • Sorry to hear you had a kind of slumpy month. I had really great reading juju in March; I’ll try to send some your way!

  • Jennine G.

    I’ve been reading TBRs and ARCs only and so far the TBRs have been really good! I just can’t get moving though. March is my rough month in school – projects I’m in charge of come due and I think I just hit a wall in general. Looking for a better April for us all!

    • You get that nice Spring Break to recharge! Hope you get some good reading in!

      • Jennine G.

        I only get two days for break :( But I started it off well by reading 100 pages today!

  • Susan W

    Sorry your month wasn’t great. I had a very good month, A Little Life dominating it, but I started the Ferrente series which was also very good. You should be proud of The Socratic Salon, it’s an engaging place for us to discuss ideas and books, so thanks for that.

    • Oh, glad to hear you liked the Ferrente series! I’ve been thinking of picking it up, especially after it did so well in the Tournament of Books.

  • Lindsey Stefan

    It’s so interesting how we all are waiting for that amazing, mind-blowing read. But then when we read it, nothing else seems good afterwards!

    I hope you read a bunch of awesome books in April. :)

  • You always seem to shame me with how many book you’ve read! Sorry that it wasn’t a more stellar month for you. Do you think you’re gonna review The First Bad Man? Whoa, I read that book last fall and I’m still not sure what to think of it…would love to know your thoughts on it.

    • I’m not usually frustrated by numbers (it always seems right around 10!), but I just get bummed when I hit a streak of what seems like mediocre books. I feel like reading so much has had a big hit on my standards, which is going to be what we talk about in The Socratic Salon discussion, soon.

      Planning to talk about The First Bad Man tomorrow…verrrry interesting, indeed.

  • Shannon, this is the first I’ve heard of Readathon and I’m so excited! It’s the same day as the main events of the Arkansas Literary Festival so I’ll miss a couple of hours for that (kind of perfect, actually, because the presenters will be authors talking about their books!), but I’ve signed up. After reading your post from the one in October, I’m really looking forward to it! Thanks so much for sharing the info.

    • Oh, I’m so excited that you’ll be joining in! No worries about missing a few hours (it usually happens to me, too)…it’s such a fun event, mostly for how social it can be.

  • Oh no, I hate months that are mostly “meh.” March was dangerously close to becoming one such month for me, but Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver saved it for me. Whew.

    I am really enjoying The Socratic Salon! I haven’t been able to get any of the actual books you’re reading into my schedule, but I LOVE the bookish topic ones (like the one about whether hating a character means you hate the book). Looking forward to more of those until I can coordinate my schedule better!

  • The Socratic Salon has been the most perfect of distractions for us all!

  • I definitely want to read Delicious Foods, and maybe That’s Not English. I can’t wait to get into Socratic Salon, too… I need to catch up with you guys! :) AND I’m excited to finally participate in Dewey’s readathon this time!

  • I definitely have Delicious Foods on my list. And H is for Hawk–what did you think? And I’m so excited for some of the Socratic Salon picks this month… finally getting my act together and reading Our Endless Numbered Days in the next week or two!

  • Oh no, I’m sorry your reading has been disappointing! Mine’s been really good. I’m finally pretty much done catching up with ARCs, so I’m dedicating next month to reading only what I want when I feel like it! Revolutionary, right?

  • Vasilly

    My March reading was okay, but I am definitely looking forward to April being a better month with spring break and the readathon. Now I need to check out your review of The Listener. It’s been sitting on my shelves for awhile now.