Best Books of 2015

Top Ten Books of 2015 (So Far)

Best Books of 2015 This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is focused on the best books of the year so far. With six months behind us, it seems like an appropriate time to take inventory of what we’ve read and pit books against one another in that mean way we can’t resist. I’m going to be a super jerk here and include two books that haven’t been published yet, but I promise they’re on the way soon.

Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Sweetland by Michael Crummey

Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson

The Animals by Christian Kiefer

Girl at War by Sara Nović

The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips

The Shore by Sara Taylor

A Little Life by HanyaYanagihara


Which books have been your favorite so far this year?


  • I’m 70% of the way through Beautiful Bureaucrat & am dying to see how things pan out…this one is a trip! And – I downloaded Girl at War to hopefully get to while I’m on vacation this week. Also plan to try Sweetland and The Animals before the year is out…

  • Resa

    Great list! I’ve had “A Little Life” sitting on my shelf for a couple months but haven’t managed to get to it yet, really excited for it though.

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    Your list is basically my “to read” list! Will be starting with The Shore (hope I get to the top of the library list soon), Sweetland, and A Little Life. My copy of Hausfrau is in FL, so I won’t get to that until next winter.

  • Your list is very interesting! I have ‘Hausfrau’ on my TBR list and now I’ve added ‘Sweetland’ and ‘Girl at War’. They look interesting!

  • I could only come up with 7 so far this year and that was a stretch. I’m taking this list to the library since we typically like the same books! :) If I did mine today our shared three are A Little Life, Hausfrau and The Shore. Better get reading!

  • Kate

    Totally agree on Hausfrau – great read

  • Susan W

    You’ve got a couple I’ve also loved (Hausfrau and A Little Life), one I liked just not loved (The Shore) and some I want to read (Welcome to Braggsville, Beautiful Bureaucrat and Sweetland). Some of my best reads so far this year are backlisters I just hadn’t read yet. Americanah and The Bluest Eye being the two standouts. I know you had trouble with it, but A God in Ruins is definitely on my best reads this year. Overall a pretty good reading year.

  • I’m reading A Little Life right now, and all I can say is WOW! It took a little to get moving, but I can’t put it down at night!

  • Awesome list! Hausfrau, Sweetland made mine too, and I have A Little Life and The Animals on my TBR. Unfortunately The Shore didn’t quite work for me! But Girl at War was great too. I always enjoy seeing what you loved the best.

  • Definitely yes to Hausfrau, Shannon! For me, My Sunshine Away is still a standout for this year, as well; so many great ones on this list!!

  • Ti Reed

    I really loved A Little Life. It will definitely make my year end list. I also liked The Book of Strange New Things. I was looking at my list of books read this year and it’s a sad stack. Not horrible by any means but no stand-outs except for the two I mentioned.

  • Is it any coincidence that your top 10 list resembles my TBR? No, no it is not. Still have a few of these to get to. I had written off Braggsville, but now may reconsider. Thanks for a great list and your always-welcome-despite-my-whining recommendations

  • Rebecca Foster

    I’ve read 5 of these and rated them all 4 or 5 stars. Now to get to the rest of them!

  • Yay for A Little Life, The Shore and The Beautiful Bureaucrat! I also need to read Girl at War and Between the World and Me.

  • Such excellent selections, especially The Shore and Beautiful Bureaucrat! Still glowing neon green that you got your hands on a Between the World and Me ARC. I’m not mad. Really. ;)

    I’ve got Girl at War out from the library and am debating whether I should bring it on vacation. I’m hoping to only bring two physical books with me and stick with my Kindle for the rest, but that could also change at the last-minute.

  • I was just updating my ongoing list yesterday when I realized that we were halfway through the “new” year already! I’m just at the beginning of A Little Life, but expect it to rank among my 2015 favorites. Also The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins, which I need to write up my review of, and All Together Now by Gill Hornby, ditto.

  • A Little Life! YES. Girl At War is sitting right next to me, clamoring to be read. You know all about my feelings on The Shore, so that and Hausfrau didn’t *quite* make my list (though I considered them both). Gonna have to look up the rest!! I sense a massive TBR addition coming on…

  • I couldn’t muster the wherewithall to make a list for myself, but am loving yours! The Shore and Girl At War would certainly have made my list too. I was PUMPED to snag a copy of The Animals from a used bookstore, and have been eyeing it up on my shelf lately. I need more time in my days for reading!!!!

    • Ohhhh, lucky find on The Animals! I’ve heard so few opinions on it, so I’d love to see someone else read it.

  • Nice list. I still plan on Sweetland!

  • I have The Beautiful Bureaucrat marked to read after it releases and am so happy to see A Little Life and Hausfrau on your list because they are probably in my top five of the year. I VOW to read The Shore sometime this year.

  • Such a great list! I need to improve my fiction reads for the second half of the year. I’ve been reading so much non-fiction that the fiction is being sacrificed. Still reading a decent amount of it, but it also hasn’t been as quality as the non-fiction. Trying to improve that the rest of the year, Girl at War and Hausfrau are on the list!

  • Lindsey Stefan

    I think A Little Life is going to be on a lot of best of 2015 lists! I just finished Girl at War and, holy cow, what a book! Thanks for a great review that helped me decide to read it!

  • Amanda

    I keep for getting Girl at War. I might need to break down and buy that one.

  • Yup yup yup yup yup. I’ve been putting off reading my library copy of The Animals for whatever reason, but now that I know it’s one of your BEST, I guess I have to read it pronto.

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