The Royal We

Five Reasons You Should Read The Royal We

Five Reasons You Should Read The Royal WeThe Royal We by Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan
Published by Grand Central Publishing on April 7th 2015
Source: Library
Pages: 464
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You have a secret (or not-so secret) interest in the royal family

I don’t think anyone has tried to deny that the The Royal We‘s central romance is based on that of Prince William and Kate Middleton, so if you can’t help but listen whenever you hear bits about the couple—or their siblings—this is for you.

You can’t get enough of Go Fug Yourself

Authors Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan are the brains behind Go Fug Yourself, a fashion and gossip blog I’ve been reading so long it’s hard to imagine life before its existence. Their commentary on the site is absolutely hilarious and the snarky love language they use to talk about the Royal Family totally crosses over into The Royal We.

Your reading needs a dose of fun

I read some awesome books, but most of them are total bummers. Personally, I love that, but I know I should have at least one or two sunny recommendations in my back pocket. The Royal We fills that spot without feeling completely mindless.

You want to get lost in a book

I don’t know if there’s anything better than a book you can’t bear parting with, and I found myself wanting to skip out on almost everything to stay huddled up with The Royal We. It’s quite long, but I felt like I could have read 200 pages more by the time I got to the end.

You think it’s “Not your thing”

I’ll be the first to admit that a book with kissing cartoons on the cover makes me want to run for the hills, so I get it. The premise is so far outside my normal reading, I can’t see it from where I’m standing here in my comfort zone. But Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks come from a place of satire, so they know how ridiculous it sounds and write with just enough edge to stop The Royal We from becoming a piece of fluff they’d want to poke fun at.


  • Fug Girls are so fabulous, I’ve been reading their website for years! Love it.

  • Kay

    I’m so going to read this book. Maybe it’s because Will and Kate make such beautiful babies – so smooshable looking. LOL

  • Oh thank goodness for that last point; I’m so relieved to hear it’s a bit satirical! I should probably track down a copy to take to the lake next week.

  • Leave it to you to make me want to read this one, Shannon. I’ve seen it popping up everywhere and initially thought, “Nuh-uh, definitely not for me.” Still, I’m with you on the majority of my books being wicked downers, and I could definitely use more thoughtful, fluffy reads in my life!

  • YES. All of this. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Definitely a risk when it’s so far outside your wheelhouse. I kind of want to read this again…

  • “Kissing cartoons on the cover makes me want to run for the hills” – this is me. So, I guess I should read it? :)

  • Add to this your post made me smile…

  • Mystica

    You’ve got me intrigued!

  • Ok, yes. I need this in my life for the next time a fun vibe hits.

  • I saw this one around the time of its publication date and then totally forgot about it; thanks for the reminder and the recommendation, Shannon! I love the sound of this one!

  • Gah, Whiskey Jenny and I read this for podcast and I just didn’t — it stressed me out so much. I fill all of these conditions, literally all of them, and I still didn’t care for The Royal We. I think it’s because being the center of attention is one of my worst things, and having to plan a wedding is another one, and this book combined BOTH those fears in like the most horrific (to me) manner imaginable. Could not even take it. And I was also mad at Bex for not being a better planner of her mistakes. Make different mistakes, you lunatic! The ones you are making are absolutely definitely going to come back to bite you in the ass!

  • You’ve made me want to read it, and it does look like fun. I admit that I didn’t know it was centered around William and Kate.

  • Amanda

    Yay! I have lots of hospital waiting time coming this weekend and I’m bringing this with me. This book is the only part I’m excited about

  • “The premise is so far outside my normal reading, I can’t see it from where I’m standing here in my comfort zone.” – ha! Love this line. I’m convinced, and have placed hold on it from the library. :D

  • I might have to give this a shot after all! I love that it’s a satire and obviously love the basis on Kate and William…love me some veiled celebrity gossip!

  • Words for Worms

    Well. I need this. Obviously.

  • Julie @ Smiling Shelves

    I just finished this book earlier this week, and I loved it! It does have that element of satire, yet the characters!! I’m still thinking about Nick and Bex days later.

  • OK, I’m sold! It was #5 that did it for me.

  • Susan W

    This is a great example of reading outside your box as per Socratic Salon discussion. Many many wouldn’t reading it based on thinking they don”t like romance or literally based on the cover. But, its a good one. It’s the romance that’s well written and fun and once read, you’re all, I still don’t like romance but this one was the exception. Only if you look there are many exceptions in every genre.

  • Chelsey @ Chels and a Book

    This is an amazing post! When this first came out, I laughed at the cover and now I feel like a total idiot for doing so. I picked up a copy after Eva @ The Paperback Princess raved about it and now I’m dying to read it. Your points are perfection. My reading totally needs a dose of fun. I just picked up a lighter book I was hoping would fit the bill and it was pretty terrible :(. This sounds like a much better idea. Also, love the format of this!

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  • Canadians are so into the Royal family it’s not even funny! Though I’m not a Canadian yet, I could always use a funny, sunny read. So you about sold me on it …

  • I have to admit that I secretly am SO intrigued about the royal family – it’s so strange! I definitely resisted this book for a while, but once I started reading I just couldn’t stop! It was so so fun.

  • These are great points about why to read the book! It definitely was outside my normal reading but wow, it was totally delightful.

  • You’ve convinced me! After reading A Royal Experiment (nonfiction about the family of George III), I’m definitely up for more about the royals.

  • Julie

    Like I said on Twitter, I can’t gush enough about this book. I adored it. It really was Bex who made the novel for me. She is just so geniune it’s hard not to love her.

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