It’s Monday, August 17th. What Are You Reading?


Happy Monday, darlings! Today I’m side-eyeing the library like it’s their fault I ended up with these stacks because everything came in at the same time. But we all know what it’s like to be a little trigger happy when it comes to requesting. Here’s hoping I can get most of these read before they’re due back or someone else decides they want a turn.

This week I’m still working my way through The Incarnations by Susan Barker—I’m loving most of it, but feel like there’s something about the writing kind of nagging at me. In all fairness, it could be a book hangover from finishing Kathleen Alcott’s Infinite Home, which I absolutely adored. In hopes of avoiding that hangover, I jumped into some nonfiction with Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Justice by Adam Benforado and now I’m just getting started on reading Adam Johnson’s new short story collection, Fortune Smiles.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  • You’ve got me all hyped up about Infinite Home…now that I hear the writing is amazing..that usually does it for me! I’ve got a couple more Sept books I want to get through, then I’ll have room for some free range reading and that one is high on my list!

    • I’m so glad I picked it up! I’ve been kind of mixing in random reads with my ARCs and that was one I grabbed from the library on a whim.

  • Kay

    I’ve been curious about Incarnations. Will look for your thoughts, should you decide to share them. LOL

    I’ve started The Royal We. So far, so good. Stepping away a bit from my usual death and mayhem reading. :-)

    • Pretty sure I’ll be reviewing Incarnations – just have to nail down what’s bugging me for sure ;)

      Glad to hear The Royal We is working – it’s such a fun book!

  • Lindsey Stefan

    I’m a bit in love with the cover for Fortune Smiles. But it does remind that I still haven’t read any Adam Johnson. Whoops!

  • Jancee Wright

    That always happens with me! All of my holds will come in at once…and always at the most inconvenient time!

  • Malcolm Avenue Review

    Those hold list gods can be such bastards. All three of these interest me to varied levels, so I’ll look for your thoughts. Infinite Home has been on my list forever, so really excited to hear you liked that one so much.

    • I’m definitely interested in hearing a lawyer’s perspective of Unfair. It all seemed to make clear sense to me, especially having a little background with many of the psych studies he referenced, but it’s hard to know what it looks like from all angles.

      • Malcolm Avenue Review

        Oh, dude. Just one more instance where I have to pretend to know what I’m doing?

  • I look forward to your thoughts on The Incarnations. I have the book, but no idea when I’m going to read it. I love the cover and wonder what connection the mask has to the story.

    • It’s a really unique story (with many stories packed inside!), so I’m wondering how it’s all going to play out.

  • Happy Monday! This week I’m reading Eric Cline’s 1177 BC, and it’s absolutely stellar so far. I am learning all kinds of strange and fascinating information. I also learned for the first time that “scuba” is an ACRONYM. AN ACRONYM. I never knew this before! It’s from self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, and I’m embarrassed I never knew that.

    • Ooooo, now that sounds like a book right up my alley. And SCUBA – yes! Now I just want to know how a book about ancient history connects to scuba diving? Searching for artifacts?

  • I’m so excited for Fortune Smiles. Fingers crossed that it will be as amazing as I think it will be.

  • I have Fortune Smiles on my list; how is it, so far? I really need to pick up a copy of Unfair; the passage I read from your IG pic was definitely captivating and I want to read more. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I have intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system; I’m glad some of these “secrets” in plain view are being brought to light by Benforado. Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

    • I’m just one story into Fortune Smiles, but I’m liking it so far. And you should definitely check out Unfair was a good read.

  • I’m a bit worried about Fortune Smiles. I really want to like it (it sounds amazing), but I had such a hard time with The Orphan Master’s Son.

    • I actually DNF’d The Orphan Master’s Son, so I’m with you on that. I’m only one story in to this one, but I’m liking it so far.

      • I was about to abandon it, but kept hoping that it would get better (or that it would be one of those books where the ending is so amazing that you forget about all the other things you didn’t like about it). It wasn’t one of those books. It just got worse and worse, and the ending was terrible.

  • I thought Fortune Smiles started out pretty strong, and I was totally over it by the end. I struggle so much with short story collections, and this one didn’t have enough “weird” to keep me going. It was well written, and leaps and bounds better than The Orphan Master’s Son, which I DNFed last week. Hopefully it will work better for you, and I’m interested to see what you think, as we seems to be in the same camp with most books.

    I’m a little ways into The Incarnations, and can TOTALLY see what you mean about the writing. I think it’s that it’s somewhat simplistic, with short sentences, so feels a wee bit choppy… at least that’s what it is that bugs me, but only just a little.

    • Yeah, that’s definitely it with The Incarnations…it almost feels like it was translated, if that makes sense. It seems like it’s probably a stylistic choice and not necessarily poor writing, but it just feels…odd.

      • Yes, the “almost translated” comment totally makes sense, and I agree. It’s still pretty easy to read, and it’s not overly distracting… just noteworthy, I guess.

  • I kind of felt Incarnations was a little uneven. There were sections that I gobbled up and then others lagged. But i guess that sometimes happens with multiple narratives.

    • Hmm, I felt that way too, although I felt that the unevenness was probably because of me ….:)

  • I’m not even sure how to describe Fortune Smiles… there are just some really morally odd (?) stories that I’m not sure how to feel about. I think I really liked the collection, though! I’m curious to hear your thoughts when you finish.

  • I’d like to read the Adam Johnson book as well. I just finished My Sunshine Away and enjoyed it.

  • Blaming the library seems reasonable; I’m sure there’s a conspiracy of some kind! :)