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New Monthly Link-Up: Library Checkout

library checkout

I’ve made a huge leap in using my library over the past year and thought it might be interesting to start keeping track of what I check out, read, and hold on a monthly basis. With the thought that it would be fun to hear from other readers, Library Checkout was born! Because it will take some tracking, I wanted to let everyone know about the idea ahead of time—the first link-up is planned for the last week in September.

I know many of us also do monthly overviews of our reading in general, so I wanted this to stand apart in what it highlights. I just have a few suggested prompts, so feel free to add or adjust them to fit with your library usage (break down by e-books, audiobooks, etc.), or throw in some pictures and specific titles—I’d love to hear any suggestions you have!

How many library books did you read this month? 

Did you return any books unread? If so, what were they?

What’s left on your hold list (or near the top of it)?


  • I love my local library and use it all the time. Look forward to linking up. Emma

  • I’m a huge library user and I love this idea. I take out far more books than i could ever read. And my holds list is crazy – both in real books and e-books. Always faced with everything coming in at the same time. Can’t wait for this.

  • Love this idea, I have an unhealthy balance with my library. Last month 8 of 9 of my books were from the library. So I’m excited for a chance to share library love

  • purplemoonmyst

    OHHHH I LOVE this idea! I am a heavy user of the library so this will be good for me.

  • Lindsey Stefan

    What a great idea! I would love to join in September. :)

  • Great idea! I am a huge library user, haven’t bought a book in 13 months, unless you count free downloads. I list my library books each week/month in my wrap-ups, but having a specific meme gives it more importance, which it deserves. Sept is nat’l library card month, so great time to start.

  • Malcolm Avenue Review

    Love this idea. I’m in!

  • This is such a great idea, I’m excited!

  • HUGE library user(s)!!! Just went all tickled pink since our city council approved renovations, expansions, new builds, even a Bookmobile in last night’s council meeting. I do keep in GR a “shelf” that has the books read from the library – it’s a big majority! One thing this will help is showing it off a little more.

  • Oohhhh FUN! I utilized the library SO MUCH earlier this year, and still do to some extent. I know I’ve rambled on about my current review-book overload, so once I clean up the queue (after September, I’ll be good to go!), I plan to return to the library on a more consistent basis. :) Marking the ole blog calendar for the end of September :)

    • I’m definitely getting to the point in the year where I’m returning more unread than read…I need to get back on track.

  • I’m in! Incidentally, I just added 16 books to my Holds list this morning. ;)

  • This is such a fun idea, Shannon! I use my library quite a bit, as well, especially for audiobooks. I’m definitely going to join in!!

  • Despite my overflowing shelves at home, I’ve been using the library so much lately! I might have to join in :) It really comes in handy when I decide I want to try something new and REALLY don’t want to purchase any more books at the moment.

  • olduvai

    Great idea!
    I’ve always been more of a library user than a book buyer so I try to take part in the Library Loot meme regularly. But I like the thought of a monthly wrapup too!

  • What a great idea! I use my library a lot for ebooks and hardcovers (not lately because of lack of reading time, but…) and have never really shared what I got from the library or kept track. I’m starting to get a few audios from them as well, so this is something I can see myself participating in. :)

  • I love this idea!

  • Jennine G.

    My library check out boosts during the school year because I can get ebooks on my iPad and read them at work (looking like I’m doing other school work in the process)! Desperate times…lol. Like this idea and hopefully will get some reading in to participate.

  • I love this idea! I started using my library more recently, so I would definitely participate in this.

  • EmilyReadsEverything

    I love this idea! My problem is usually all my holds come in at once and I have to read 30 books.

  • I’m in! This is such a great idea!!

  • This was made for me! I’ve put myself on an unofficial library visit ban until I can work through what I already have, but we’ll see how long that lasts. ;)

  • Ooo….sounds like a good one! I really do need to track my holds list better. Once I freeze a hold for later, I often forget to go back an ‘melt’ it again!

  • Oooh, what a fun idea! I think 80% of my reads are from the library, but it would be interesting to keep track of that and have more concrete numbers.

    • I keep track of my overall library percentage, but I’m definitely interested in breaking it down a bit more.

  • I don’t use my library nearly as much as I should. I just have too many books at home that sit unread for me to justify a trip to the library for more. I would like to get to the point where I frequent my library more often though.

  • Ugh. My stats would be terrible to see on paper. I request A LOT and of course they all come in at once so I return many unread.

  • I think I return maybe a third of my library books unread. It sounds like a bad percentage, but sometimes I find I am not in the mood for various things. In my defense, I just checked my spreadsheet, and 85% of my reads altogether are library books.

    • I’m the same way…a combination of mood reading and hold floods tends to leave me bringing many back unread.

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  • I LOVE this idea!! I can’t wait for the first link-up. It’ll be interesting to see the ways others use their local library.

    After moving to a city that has a ridiculously good library (and is blocks away from my home), I find I’m in there every other day! Ah. I have a tendency to go hold happy (they inevitably all arrive at once) or pick up anything I think might be interesting off the shelves (my husband loves helping me carry them all home).

  • Amanda

    Oh I love this! Maybe it will stop me from perpetually renewing a few books I keep meaning to read.

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