library checkout

New Monthly Link-Up: Library Checkout

library checkout

I’ve made a huge leap in using my library over the past year and thought it might be interesting to start keeping track of what I check out, read, and hold on a monthly basis. With the thought that it would be fun to hear from other readers, Library Checkout was born! Because it will take some tracking, I wanted to let everyone know about the idea ahead of time—the first link-up is planned for the last week in September.

I know many of us also do monthly overviews of our reading in general, so I wanted this to stand apart in what it highlights. I just have a few suggested prompts, so feel free to add or adjust them to fit with your library usage (break down by e-books, audiobooks, etc.), or throw in some pictures and specific titles—I’d love to hear any suggestions you have!

How many library books did you read this month? 

Did you return any books unread? If so, what were they?

What’s left on your hold list (or near the top of it)?