How Much Do You Research Before You Read?

reading research

I’m always a little shocked when I hear about people going into books completely blind, just because it’s so different from the way I approach my reading. It made me wonder just how varied those methods might be across the board.

If I’m scoping out books several months ahead of publication, research can be hard. There may be one or two reviews available, but most of my desire to read is based on the book description and comparative titles. When it comes to a book that’s close to or post-publication, I definitely do a bit of researching before I read. Though I don’t trust the aggregated ratings on Goodreads, I do like to look through ratings and reviews from my friends. I tend to know which bloggers and reviews I can turn to for spoiler-free opinions, so I’m not someone who’s afraid to do some digging before I pick up a book, though I tend to be selective.

I very, very rarely pick up a book unless I know something about it. I would love to be the type of person who could ignore blurbs and reviews, but…I just can’t. Though I’m sure my methods have turned me away from books I would have otherwise liked, I think it’s helped guide me toward many more I love.

How much do you want to know before you read?