It’s Monday, September 14th. What Are You Reading?


Does this feel a little familiar? That’s because I didn’t finish a book this past week, which hasn’t happened in…a very long time. The last several days were filled with contractors, phone calls, text messages, and shuffling the dog out of the house while people scoped it out. But everything paid off, because it sold in a day! We have to finish out the process on both houses, but it looks like we’ll be moving in early November.

I’m not really frustrated by hitting a book rut, because I’ve just been too overwhelmed to focus, but it definitely feels weird to not be reading. I’m really hoping things settle down a bit this week because, along with finishing these, I have a library copy of The New Jim Crow I’d love to get to.

My husband and I have been catching up on some movies and TV in the downtime, and have started re-watching the first season of The Knick before the second season starts. I’ve mentioned before how much I love it, but now that it’s available on HBOGo, I have to push it again.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

(Our wonderful host, Sheila, is back at Book Journey this week!)

  • Congrats, lady! I hope things settle down a little bit for you now!

  • Congratulations – that’s awesome news! And – I had a week earlier this year where I didn’t finish a single book…and I didn’t even have the “I’m listing my house” excuse! Hope you can find some more time for reading soon.

  • BWB

    OHHHH, yes, yes, The Heart Goes Last looks amazing.

  • Kay

    Congrats on selling your house! One day is amazing! We had our last house sell in 4 days and I thought that was perfect. Good luck with getting ready for your move. And I’m sure the reading will all happen when your life is not quite as chaotic, but moving is a lot of work. Have a good week!

    • It’s definitely a ton of work. I never realized how tough the coordinating of buying and selling would be, but it’s been tricky…and then we have the actual physical moving ;)

  • Congrats on selling your home so quickly, Shannon; what a relief! I’m currently finishing Bull Mountain (thanks to Sarah’s glowing review) and The Heart Goes Last is next on my list. I can’t wait to get started. I hope things go well with your closings and now…the packing. :) We just moved, so I can totally relate – ha!

    • Bull Mountain was a good one! Totally not looking forward to the packing, but thankful we have plenty of time.

  • Lindsey Stefan

    Congratulations! I’m sure you will get back into your reading groove when all of the craziness dies down. :)

  • Woohoo!!! Congrats on the house! Selling in a day is amazing! No wonder you didn’t get to finish any books!
    I’m SO EXCITED for season 2 of The Knick! Can’t wait. Watching the first season again seems like an excellent idea to prep.

    • I can’t believe it, but The Knick is even better the second time around. I’m able to catch all the details now that I’m not trying to figure out who everyone is and it’s brilliant.

  • Wow! That’s awesome that your house sold so fast! Glad it wasn’t a long drawn out process for you.

  • Julie @ Smiling Shelves

    Wow, one day? That’s awesome! Congrats!

  • Congrats on the sale! One day sale is amazing! Unfortunately, this part of the reading is all too familiar to me, too. I’ve had weeks when life was too much and interfered in my finishing a single book. I can’t wait to see what you think of Atwood’s book.

  • I knew that house wouldn’t last long, especially because I was considering buying it if no one else did. ;) Congratulations!

    Now that you’ve got one big thing off your plate, I hope you’ll have more time for your books. New Jim Crow MUST happen!

  • Yesss! We both must have had some great house mojo recently. 1 day is utterly impressive and I wish you the best of luck with the packing and moving. Enjoy The Knick. I haven’t seen it but have heard great things. I am currently obsessed with Call the Midwife.

  • I just had the same thing happen and went through the previous week without finishing a single book! Fortunately, I was able to read two books while flying home this weekend :)

  • Congrats on the sale! I can’t wait for the Atwood—I have an alert on my calendar to go get it the day it’s released :)

  • Deb

    Congratulations! Last time I had to sell it was an ordeal, so I’m glad yours went so quickly! I got a review copy of Heart Goes Last, it was really good.

  • Congrats with all the house news. Sounds like you survived it well. It can be so stressful — I remember. I dont know The Knick but if it has Clive Owen then I’m game. I thought Soderbergh was going to retire? Now he’s backkkkk….

  • Sold in a DAY! Damn, girl, way to go! That’s awesome!

  • Congratulations on the sale. Constant showings is one of the main drawbacks of selling and you got to skip it. Yay!