It’s Monday, September 21st. What Are You Reading?


Hi. I’m alive(ish). House stuff has kind of calmed down over the last week, which has been great, but I’ve still been pretty busy and haven’t been reading nearly as much as usual. I registered to take the GRE next month, so now that’s hanging over my head. I took it once before starting my Master’s program, but that was over five years ago, which means the scores are no longer valid. You guys, I am just so not great at math, and a month is nowhere near the time I need to learn everything I should have learned since, oh sixth grade. I’m just crossing my fingers I can rock it out on analytical writing and verbal reasoning. My application for grad school is due three days before we close on our new house, so…yeah, smushy brain.

All of this looming stuff is making it pretty difficult to focus, even though I’ve had a little more time this week, but I finally finished both Black Earth and The Heart Goes Last. Despite my worry over nonfiction not holding my attention, I decided to pick up The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, which seems to be going okay. And I couldn’t resist all the mixed, sometimes glowing reviews I heard of Lauren Groff’s Fates and FuriesI had to grab it from the library.

There’s an added bit of fun here in Richmond this week: the UCI Road World Championships have taken over the city. I don’t follow cycling, but this is a pretty big deal and it’s fun to see the whole city rally around such a big event (despite our moaning about road closures). The last few races will run through our neighborhood over the weekend, so we’ll be setting up and checking them out.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?