Book Blogger Top Picks 2015 – Open Voting


Toward the end of last year—more out of curiosity than anything—I threw together Book Blogger Top Picks, which was aimed at gauging the best books of the year according to the book blogging community. We ended up with a fantastic list of winning titles, so I can’t resist doing it again.

Based on feedback from last year, I decided to condense some categories and add a few others—hooray for mystery/thriller and historical fiction! Other than that, though, the process will be the same. In this open voting round, I’ll be keeping track of entries using Google Forms, which will be narrowed down to the top six in each category when open voting closes on November 10th. A final round of voting from the top three will take place starting on November 27th to determine a top pick for each category by December 8th.

I’m not collecting any information other than your picks and your blog name, which is just to make sure everyone taking part is active in the community and not voting more than once. I know we’re all still staring at stacks of 2015 titles, but feel free to share what you’ve loved so far (the form allows for editing later)!

Time to Vote!

Open voting is closed, we’re on to the semi-finals!


  • Wow, I really didn’t read many new releases this year. I didn’t even have a nomination for the thriller/mystery category. It felt… weird.

    (Of course, as of a few weeks ago, I’m not *technically* a book blogger anymore… do with that info what you will.)

    • Filling it out made me realize how little I’ve read from different categories this year AND that there’s just a few books that have really blown me away. I think you have a wonderfully adorable reason behind not reading many new releases ;)

  • This is so exciting, Shannon; I can’t wait to see which ones make the final cut!

  • I was lamenting last week that so much of what I’ve read this year came out this year – it didn’t feel like I was catching up on anything! But now maybe it will turn out to have been a good thing!

  • Yay it’s back! I didn’t read in many categories this year and need to improve that next year. But wait…no shorts?

    • I decided to cut the shorts because I added two other categories :( When I went to vote myself, I realized that some of my favorites were short story collections, which is a pretty big bummer. It’s definitely possible to vote for them under other categories, though.

  • Amanda

    Oh this will be fun!

  • What I learned from submitting my votes: I have not read nearly enough books pubbed in 2015!

  • Glad to see this fun event returning! I’m mildly disturbed by the fact that three of my top picks had “Girl” in the title. I’m not overly fond of that titling trend (although they were all very good books).

    • I hadn’t thought about it, but that HAS been a trend (kind of like the “Wife” trend from a few years ago).

  • I don’t think I’ve read enough 2015 books to vote, but I’ll be watching what others are picking. Then I’ll know what to read a few years from now. ;)

  • Oh, my poor and already flailing TBR list. I don’t know whether to thank you or shun you for this, but I can’t wait to see the results and add a few more must reads to my wish list. lol

  • Lauren @ Malcolm Avenue Review

    WHY DO THINGS HAVE TO BE SO HARD, SHANNON?!?! As hard as it is, I’m glad you’re doing this. So much fun. I’m guessing none of my picks will be in the top (maybe Family has a shot), but I’ll probably get some great new titles to put on the TBR. Can’t wait to see the results!

  • Noora

    Yay, this is going to be so much fun! I’m sure my TBR will kill me after the results are out, but lets not worry about. Unlike last year, this year I’ve actually read books published in 2015, so I’ll have to see which titles deserve the vote! Thank you for hosting this, Shannon!

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  • I didn’t read a lot of 2015 titles but I voted for the few which I read & liked. I’ll be curious to see what others have. cheers.

  • Yikes! Just selecting ONE book is NEVER easy for me, whatever the categorization! I realize just how few 2015 releases I’ve read…and not one nonfiction, which is terrible! :( Nonetheless, I did have a few nominations! This is fun! Can’t wait to see the results!

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  • Good lord the lit fic category is hard! Also, maybe next year you could include a poetry category? And maybe separate memoir and nonfiction?

    • The categories have been so hard for me to work out! I’d love to add a poetry category. I had memoir separate last year, but there were requests for thriller/mystery and a few others, which bumped up the number of categories and things seem to thin out that way. I’ll definitely ask for ideas at the end again to see if we can get a general consensus of what would be best :)

      • I suspect I might be a lone voice on the poetry category. . . Thank you for setting this up in the first place! Does Google limit the number of categories? If so maybe another person could pick up the categories that don’t fit (like shorts, as someone else suggested).

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