It’s Monday, October 12th. What Are You Reading?


Happy GRE week, friends. What’s that? I’m the only one on Planet GRE? Thankfully, I just have three more days before I can put the test behind me. I’m bitter over having to take it again and I’m fairly sure I haven’t put in enough time studying, but here’s hoping I can pull out some sort of miracle.

I just finished both of last week’s books yesterday, so this week’s reading is perfectly fresh. I’m picking up a fabulous sounding piece of nonfiction by Piu Marie Eatwell called The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse: An Extraordinary Edwardian Case of Deception and Intrigue and Lori Ostlund’s After the Parade, which seems right up my alley.

The end of this week also means the return of Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, which is always a favorite. It feels very odd not to be participating in the Readathon as more than a reader, but time is eating away at me lately and making so many things get cut short. I’m itching to get back to regular blog reading and commenting, too. Soon!

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


  • Good luck with your test!! And I’ll be interested to hear how Duke/Wife/Corpse goes…could be a late addition to my Nonfiction November list as I had an unexpected DNF of another book from that list this week…and have already finished a second. I seem to be moving NN to October for some reason…

  • Definitely not alone on Planet GRE! It’ll all be over soon. I hope you find time to decompress with your reads this week!

  • Good luck on the GRE this week! And while I’m sure Readathon misses you, it can be fun to go into it as “just” a reader for some variety… and for more reading time for you, I hope!

  • Shannon, I’ll be cheering for you from afar; I know you’ll do great and then it will ALL BE OVER!! :) I’ll have to look up After the Parade; I remember thinking it sounded interesting, but now I can’t remember what it’s about – ha! I’m reading City on Fire right now; lots to mull over, since it’s around 900 pages. Get lots of rest and eat your breakfast, right? :)

    • Phew, kudos to you for tackling City on Fire! I’m thinking I might get to it eventually, but I can’t imagine it right now. Hope it ends up being good!

  • Lindsey Stefan

    You’re almost done!! Good luck on the test.

    I love that feeling of a new week and new books to be enjoyed! I will be looking out for your thoughts on The Dead Duke.

  • Best of luck to you on the GRE. I would so be bitter if I had to take it again! I’m sure you will do great! I just read a glowing recommendation of The Dead Duke, and I hope you enjoy it as much. I’ll be curious to hear what you think!

    • That’s great to hear about The Dead Duke! I’ve heard a few good things, too, so I’m really looking forward to getting into it more.

  • Thinking of you this week! I did my GRE time and it was torturous. Good luck!

  • GRE, GRE! You are the queen of the GRE! You will do amazing! I am thinking of you!

    I finished up Ana of California today — I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to! sigh! — and am now reading Carry On as slowly as humanly possible because I love Rainbow Rowell and I want to make her book last. :D

  • I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to be Readathon-ing. I’m doing Blog Ahead and have been devoting almost all my blog time to writing posts, but some extra reading time wouldn’t hurt. Then I’d have more to review!

  • Good luck Shannon! You can do it :)